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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Some more pithy thoughs....DNC,to the church shooter, to President Trump

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    Well Last week there was the publication from Politico magazine from Donna Brizile about the links from Hillary and the DNC, you can read the story Here.
I knew the DNC was in real trouble from back during the 2012 elections.  I remember reading that the long time DNC fundraising staffers were pissed at President Obama because his groups that he formed as a parallel organization called "Organizing for America" and "Organizing for Action"was sucking up all the fundraising dollars.

Money that would normally go into the DNC coffers was instead flowing into President Obama organization that would be used for his purposes, and not the DNC.  This caused a lot of anger and anxiety for the democrats with the DNC.  There was danger of losing autonomy and being too linked to the current occupant of the white house rather than the long term goals of the DNC.  Well there was much truth to the anger..

President Obama left office with high approval numbers, but the democratic party was decimated, especially on the national and local and state elections.  President Obama placed Debbie Wasserman Schultz as the head of the DNC and the DNC had carried a lot of debt from the 2012 election helping President Obama get elected and his organization got most of the fundraising dollars and the DNC didn't.  Well Debbie Wasserman Schultz , didn't pare the staffing down of the DNC between the election cycle and adopted a very hands off approach and the debt burden was substantial and there was no attempts to save money.  Well the 2016 election cycle approaches and the presumptive democratic candidate Hillary Clinton organization before the primaries finally floats money to the DNC to pay off the debt, but to get the money, the DNC had to sign an agreement with the Hillary camp to run all money through the Hillary campaign and vice versa, this allows the Hillary camp to run vast amounts of money for her through the DNC clearing house and evade federal laws stipulations on donations.  This was money laundering on a vast scale and somehow the Clinton camp gets a pass and Bernie Sanders got the shaft during the primaries.  I honestly believe that if there was a Trump/Sanders runoff, the possibility of Bernie winning was high,
The democrats ran a candidate that was an establishment candidate in an outsider year and the reason that she got the nomination was that it "was her turn".  That was the sole criteria for her selection...First Black man elected President, now it would have been the first women, this was pure identity politics writ large.  But Hillary and her campaign had to make sure that she secured the nomination, so the fix was in from the super delegates and other establishment support from the print and news media and of course the Hollywood group that are so politically correct that they don't have an independent thought for fear of being cast out.  Bernie Sanders is a socialist, I would not have voted for him, but he is far more likable than Hillary was and Hillary was disliked more than President Trump was.   The Democrats are blaming each other and trying to use the old standby "it is the past and don't matter anymore."
     On a different subject, we had this asshole go into a church and kill 26 people, and of course the left being the left immediately..
before the bodies were cold pushing "common Sense" gun restrictions.  What is with the democrats..it is like they have a prepared script when there is an islamic terrorist attack involved "don't blame the religion for the action of one that defame the religion."  Now if we get some squirrel who shouldn't have been able to buy a rifle because he has a domestic violence on his record and a big chicken dinner from the Air Force, and the Air Force admits that they dropped the ball on notifying the NCIC.  Now this squirrel goes into the church and shoots people because they are related to his ex wife's family.  The democrats being democrats immediately blame guns and not the shooter, WTF, if it wasn't for double standards, there would be no standards with the democrats...I guess whatever it takes to push an agenda. And to boot, they blame the NRA and it was an NRA instructor that shot the bad guy.

      Now we have President Trump visiting the pacific rim and of CNN being CNN releases a doctored video of President Trump Here and Here and the actual results.   Now CNN just has to double down on sleezy to try to score political points on an administration that they don't like.  the problem is that this rush for sleezy journalism is hurting the CNN brand and the news industry in general.  When there is enough evidence of shoddy reporting, it will effect the CNN and the news reporting for a generation or more.  I want the news to be accurate, for an accurate news is a bulwark against government oppression and overeach, but when the media is more concerned about being a political hacks than honest reporting then this is a danger to the American republic.


  1. Interestingly, the AT&T/Time Warner merger is OFF unless CNN is sold... :-D

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      Funny how that popped out there....I guess they don't want to be stuck with "The Dog".

  2. We're getting a more clear picture of how entities in the federal government pay little heed to the mechanics of background checks for firearms purchases. The military (apparently routinely) doesn't input appropriate convictions into the data base, federal prosecutors only pursue charges against of tiny fraction of those caught trying to "lie and buy" by knowingly giving false answers on required paperwork - perhaps knowing the feds and others are sloppy about updating the background check data base. Why should anyone think a more rigorous or expanded background checks would be any more effective than the present system, muddled by incompetence, negligence, and laziness is?

    1. Hey Doug;

      it is the" start of the Nose under the tent", I don't like the expanded checks for the same reason, you have some incompetant government hack input the wrong data and the poor guy trying to buy the rifle gets hemmed up by the state.