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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

lets see if I can get this post out.....rant...

For some reason Blogger has been uncooperative....I have several post including Monday Music in limbo right now...One of them involved "Labor Day".  I may have to schedule that one for "Next year" or something.....
     But I digress.  I will make a quick post on the Kentucky clerk issues and what I see going on with that.   The Federal Judge had her locked up for a week after she refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.   I have had people tell me.."Well the Supreme Court is the supreme law of the land...so she has to do it......".  Well lets get technical....the Supreme Court issued a ruling...not a law.  The last time I checked my handy civic book....the Legislative branch makes law not the Supreme court.  The supreme court can rule if a law is "Constitutional".  They cannot make the law.  
     I do have several questions.....This lady said she couldn't sign her name on these certificates because it violated her religious beliefs and Kentucky Law.   I am surprised that there was no attempt for an administrative compromise?  Have somebody else sign their name on the certificate.  I am amazed that the feds had her arrested, perp walked and booked then keep her in the pokey for a week?   This screams of "Agenda".  The feds move fast on this lady...but Hillery is still out and campaigning...?
     We have 11 million illegals running around, we have people out there pushing for other people to kill cops....and they are still free..we have a presidential candidate that violated federal laws on handling of classified documents...but the Fed colossus has to pile on thie lady from Kentucky?...This is totalatarianism.    When laws are selectively enforced...not applied equally, the age of the Banana Republic has arrived.
   There is a part of our legal system that recognizes the "moral law", where you can't do something that you really believes is immoral and against your belief system.  You don't have to do it.  The German officers during WWII used the "Dienst ist Dienst" defense at the Nuremberg trials ...Basically "Dienst ist Dienst" is "Job is Job." and they did the horrible things despite their misgivings because it was their job.  Same with the U.S. military....you can disobey an immoral order if it violates your moral code.  This is what separates our military system from the Prussians. 
      From what I saw, there was no attempt to work an administrative compromise....to move her somewhere else.....they had to instead have the Obama's department of Justice have her arrested....This wasn't from the state level...this was the federal level.  I personally don't care for the gay issues...but my libertarian streak also believes that what is done in the bedroom between two consenting adults ain't my business.   That being said, this is pure muscle flexing by the LGBT lobby, they put political pressure on the feds and they had to lock this women up...to teach her a lesson, how dare she defy her federal overlords...
   This is done to teach a lesson to any body else that will not toe the line.  20 years ago, I remembered the gay lobby was preaching "tolerance" of their lifestyle....be accepting.  Now the pendulum has swung the other way...if you are not accepting of their lifestyle...they will destroy you.....Where is the tolerance that they were preaching?  I guess be tolerant until you get political power and influence...they can force obedience at the point of the sword. 


  1. Well, I agree with many points but I also have a little different version of things. You are correct...SCOTUS does not make laws, they interpret. However, lately they make laws. That is what Scalia has been ranting about. Here's another wrench...gays are entitled to equal protection under the law. Perhaps they should word their "marriage", a civil union. It would still piss off most Christians. The government has no place in moral issues, only issues of law. Unfortunately, marriage now gives people tax and property rights, making it a government problem. Thus, gays are entitled to the same. Whether we agree with their lifestyle or not is not our place. It is up to God. So...you are right...the Kentucky clerk should have stepped aside and let her deputy clerks sign the certificate...therefore upholding the federal laws and indirectly not offending her religious beliefs. Still if she feels her long arm of the office reaches through the clerks by vicarious means, she will still have a religious conflict. If that is the case, she should resign. Maybe they tried reasoning with her already and she kept going. Did you see how vile and ugly she was and confrontational? That is not acceptable in any public office. She reminds me of the Westboro Church group. Scary. I don't think she should be persecuted for her religious beliefs, but is seems to me the right and left both had agendas in the matter. And Hillary. She is an evil woman and needs to go to jail. Anyone who believes she is worthy of presidential nomination should have their heads examined. She is dangerous and evil. I am hoping people are starting to realize this a little as she is slipping and finally getting negative press. Ok. That's my two cents. I know many won't agree. And if you offer goods...make them specific. We sell only Christian cakes. Well, how do you know if the gays aren't Christian? Many are. They just sin. Like the rest of us. Again...muddy waters. What is the solution? I don't know. Go to another bakery. I wouldn't want a cake made by a hater if I were gay. However, they are discriminating. People are going to have to figure it out.

  2. Tolerance, it appears, was the left's short-to-intermediate term tactic until sufficient political power was obtained to usher in what are increasingly totalitarian practices.

  3. Dude. It doesn't rise to that level. She's being paid to do a job. You don't get to pick and choose which parts of your job you will and will not do. So she either does her job or she is fired. Or if she wants to put that particular spin on it she can resign for reasons of conscience due to her religious beliefs.

    It ain't legal/religious matter.

  4. Hey Momma Fargo;

    You are correct, the only issue with this was the Federal overreach. Yep she should stepped aside, her job is to serve ALL the citizens...not the ones she liked.

    Hey Doug;
    Tolerance don't mean the same like it used to.

    Shelldude, I am not talking about her personally, what I am talking about is the federal reaction...that is what worried me. Her constituents can have her impeached or not reelect her. But the fed's doing what they did is chilling to all those that defy "dear leader" or his agenda....that is what has me concerned.


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