The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Musings and Rants...

I have been wanting to do a rant since last week but time and stuff has transpired against me.   I have had several musings and intemperate thoughts.
     By now y'all have heard of that county clerk in Kentucky that will not pass out any same sex marriage license and the LGBT lobby is in a tizzy.

   They are waving the big stick..."The United State Supreme Court" has ruled in their favor and  by God Gaia they want their license.  How dare this elected county clerk from some podunk county in flyover country defy her federal Overlords and do what her constituents elected her to do.   She must heel and obey her Federal Overlords..."   Well the truth of the matter there is the federalist system where the local governments have a say.  What is the point of the federalist system if the local governments are an extension of Mordor on the Potomac.

      I have been watching the "Trump" effect on the election cycle....The establishment GOP is trying to ram Jeb down our throats as the next candidate.  if they are successful in making Jeb the candidate, millions of conservatives will stay home and the Democrats won't even have to cheat to get their candidate to the White House.    Sure Trump is over the top...but he has tapped into the anger that is prevalent with the conservative base that is tired of being told how things are supposed to be rather than how things are.  The average conservative know that the immigration system is broken, when you have 1 out of 5 people from El Salvador living in the United States...we have a problem.  When there are people are having kids here in the United States just so they can access all the welfare and other benefits, they see this is wrong.  Sure there is the 14th Amendment and they use that to beat us on the head.  The 14th Amendment using the "Original Intent" was to keep the freed slaves from getting screwed out.  It was never intended to support the cultural suicide that the United States is doing.
     Now on to the Democrats....Well the Establishment Democrats are trying to get Hillery in there as their candidate and there is a lot of anger from the leftist that don't want Hillery.  They are wanting another candidate...Apparently Hillery has trust issues
   The elitist are trying to make sure that Hillery gets the coronation, she is one of them and the rank and file leftist are also angry...they are seeing things going on and they don't like what they see, they see the same old stuff and they want something different.  I know for a fact that if one of us "little people" did what she did....we would already be convicted and in Leavenworth making gravel for somebody's driveway.  But because Hillery is who she is, she might actually get out of it.  If she does, she will ride this to the White House.  Many of the lefties want another candidate...they are liking Biden, or the old guy Sanders...or fauxahauntis herself Elisabeth Warren.

Either way, this does highlight an anger that is on both the left and the right, both believe that they have been blown off by the politicians in D.C. and they are pissed.
     On a different note, Apparently it has become open season on the Police, the "Black Lives Matter" and Obama have fired up the bonfire of racial hatred and they are targeting the Police for execution.  Several police officers have died in the past few days and everybody is tiptoing around the issues
   They bring up several shootings from Ferguson, Baltimore and New York and they are drumming up the hatred from the police being killed to Farrakan telling his followers to "kill Whitey".  They are enjoying their 15 minutes of fame, totally disregarding the real cause of the myriad of deaths in the black community.
     On a screw America note...Apparently "Dear Leader" decided to rename "Mt McKinley" denali because the aboriginal residence used that name.  Nothing like having "Dear Leader" thumb his nose at the American way of life. To him it reeks of colonialism and he has to ride to the rescue of all the non white people and smack down the specter of a dead white dude and their way of life.
     By now y'all have heard of the Gay black dude that killed those 2 white people in front of the camera.   Funny when that jerk killed those people in the church, and since he had a confederate flag in his possession...in case you forgot what the flag looks like...
    Yes the flag of "St Andrews", well the leftist and other people saw a chance to use this incident to strip the "symbol" of racism and they beat the drum on all white people for the crime of that idiot in Charleston.  Well now this fired black guy who has a "gay flag" in his apartment shoots 2 people and the same people who piled on the confederate flag, don't see how they are the same thing.
   It will be interesting the next few months.....

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  1. Boy howdy you did rant. LOL. I love your cartoons. They are funny and on point. I guess my thing with all this nonsense in the world is it nonsense. No longer do we crusade for any worthwhile issues. Crazy. I do think tho, that the clerk who fails to obey her government employer's rules should be fired. Even if she is entitled to her beliefs, she is not entitled to pick which regualations or licenses to issue. That has been taken out of anyone's hands and it is the way it is. Over. The government can't rule her mind or her beliefs, but they have made the job position as such. Therefore, she is an idiot. Perhaps she can rally for a change of position to keep employment rather than refusing to do her job which in all sense is termination. As for the Black Lives Matter campaign. I'm sick of segregation and racial issues. We are moving backward not forward. Grr. Furious about the police murders. And who is raising a fist? Not our president. I can't wait for him to be out of office. He is a boob.