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Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Music "Shake your booty" by KC and the Sunshine Band

   I have been very busy, between work and scouts. My apologies for not posting sooner, life got very busy real fast.   Now we are going on a Disney cruise.  I spent Saturday running a .22 range for the Boy Scouts. 

   When I had some slots open up, the Adult leaders had a shoot off, I will not throw my brother from another mother under the bus and announce the results;)

   We had a good time and the boys shot a lot...We went through about 3000 rounds of ammo for the event.  I think the boys had a good time.

   We got home and packed up and rolled out Sunday and the drive was top filled with adventure, from my getting my first speeding ticket in years....then discovering that the ticket was for naught when I had to return and head back home when I realized I forgot the one thing I couldn't forget...no not the kid....my CPAP machine.  Nothing like wasting 5 hours of time, luckily my brother from another mother went to my house, got the machine and so it saved us a couple of hours.  We will try to get on the ship today:)   I will post some stuff on the scheduler thingie and keep my blog active.
     I decided to roll with KC and the Sunshine Band partly because we are in Florida and I was listening to some disco on my music stash in my car and decided to roll with it.

  I have this album in my LP stack...what can I say.....

"(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty" is a song recorded and released in 1976 by KC and the Sunshine Band for the album Part 3. The song became their third number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100, as well as their third number-one on the Hot Soul Singles chart.[ The song was met with a degree of controversy, since the lyrics were interpreted or likely speculated by many as having sexual connotations. However according to KC it had a lot more meaning and depth. During his performance he would witness the entire crowd having a good time except for some minority. The song inspired people to "get off their can and get out there and do it". The B-side of Shake Your Booty was "Boogie Shoes", which later became a hit on its own when it appeared on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack in 1977.
"(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty" holds the record for being the only number-one song title with a word repeated more than three times in it. The chorus consists of the title expression with the word "shake" appearing eight times.
  The styles of the Disco era can't be duplicated.  It is a unique time on our music history.


  1. Thanks for helping the scouts out! Enjoy the cruise!

  2. Thanks for helping the scouts out! Enjoy the cruise!

  3. Shake shake your booty! Great dealio you do for the scouts! You are a fantastic mentor for them and thank you for sharing it with us! Cruise?