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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Saturday Activities

I will continue to post my "Red Storm Rising" equipment on Tuesday.  I spent the weekend setting up and running a range for the district camporee.  I was out there Friday and Saturday setting up, running and then staying Saturday night for the campfire and the resulting camaraderie
Here was some of the troops shooting. 

My troop did all its adult cooking via "Dutch Oven"  here was the breakfast I had, it was called "Mountain Man" breakfast.  It was 2 packages of southern hash browns, 1 pound of sausage crumbles, 1 pound of bacon, 4 eggs and some cheese....man it was good.
I had my phone charger/drink cooler out there...
Some call them "trucks", lol
    We also had dinner, it was "chicken Pot pie" in a dutch oven.
It was a real good time and the weather was real cooperative, overall.  We have had spring camporees that it was below freezing, or the wind was blowing tents across the field or it was raining sideways.  Although the weather rock did show that it rained Saturday Night.

And finally I got some swag from my brother.

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  1. You're helping raise and train the next generation of strong Americans. I hope the America we grew up in remains intact, and true to her ideals, for these rising citizens to enjoy and cherish.