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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Republicans change Obunglercare......so what? and some musings

I have been watching the circus on capital hill unfold with the Obungler care repeal or replacement.  the gnashing of teeth by the collective left is entertaining..they are upset because the signature event of the Obungler administration has been undone....that is the only reason...the ACA was owned by the democrats and it was a way to either generate more dependent voters which is good for them "If the evil republicans are elected...they will thrown your elderly mom off the cliff and make all your other relatives sick", kinda rhetoric...we see this when it comes to Social Security, that program needs work but the Democrats use it to scare the crap out of the blue hairs which overwhelmingly vote and mostly vote Democrat for that reason.
      Now here is a fact that the Media, academics,protestors the left has forgotten a basic civic lesson...

Now the GOP passed a stopgap spending bill, apparently they are soo afraid to be labelled the "baddies" by the media that they totally caved to the democrats, the budget looks like something from the Obama administration....nothing about increasing the budget for the military, and no money for the wall.  But the pet democratic causes are fully funded.....and this is in 2017.  Needless to say I am very disappointed...we have the House, the Senate, and the Presidency and the GOP totally caves...And they hope to do better in 2018 budget?  who they kidding...that is a midterm election year and the democrats will double down like nobody's business to make sure they get all they want and hopefully to them, win back congress.

Also the Media from being total toadies for the DNC has been having a field day in smearing the President....Remember 8 years ago..it was totally different...
Now apparently the late nights comics have found their groove after 8 years....funny how that has worked out.  Then they in the establishment media wondering why their rating and and trustworthiness has plummeted.  When you become known as a shill espousing a certain point of view and get caught doing it on multiple occasions....It does damage your credibility.

    Now we have the darling of the Left President Obama giving out speeches for $400,000 a pop and there are crickets from the left about President Obama making all that money from his speeches.   I guess having a movable standard of morality is helpful....
If it had been any conservative doing that there would be shrieking about influence peddling and fundraising.

   And breaking traditions, the person that comes out 2nd best in the presidential elections usually fades from the public eye...like a leviathan of the deep comes Hillary blaming her loss on everything but herself

  Now she comes out and wanting to join the resistance against Trump and this is the funny part...she wants to run the scam finance and skim and fleece  assist in fundraising that are against President Trump.  It seems that the Clinton foundation has financing woes.  I guess when you are not pulling the levers of government, the people needing to let you "wet your beak" don't need you.   You can't make this up....


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  1. I'm amazed that anyone is even listening to her anymore... And BO is now 'cashing in'... knew that was coming!!!