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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Some goings on at Casa De Garabaldi

  A few things...First off at the tail end of my Overtime, my son and I went to Tennessee to visit my Mom and Pops, per my sons suggestion right after work.  I had packed 2 bags one I carried in my car...the other he had to carry.


..it had various "bullet launchers" and there was no way I was going to bring that on my employer's property.   I am one of the "Great Unvaxxed" and like I'm gonna give them another excuse to try to wack me?  I had parked my car on property and my son picked me up from work.  I had taken a picture of the bag and sent it to him telling him "Don't forget this bag, or Dad will be a sad panda" or something to that effect.


     Well we left Saturday evening and made our stop at Buccee's in Calhoun Georgia, I picked up a Brisket and he grabbed some munchies and I grabbed a coffee because I found myself driving his car because my son was tired. 

       Well we made it to Sevierville/PidgeonForge/Gatlingburg area and my mom was really glad to see us.  We chilled on Sunday and visited around, and made plans on Monday to go gun shopping, my pops was looking for a smaller easier to conceal pistol than his Ruger SR-45.  My Pops is a large statured man with big hands so I told him, "Price isn't the only consideration, you have to look what is comfortable in your hand to shoot, "  My son had mentioned the "Hellcat" and the Sig 365, but I had brought both of my glocks for him to handle, the 17 and the 19.  Granted Glocks are "Tupperware", they have no soul, but they work all the time *Yeah, Yeah Mack, I know I' m dissing your favorite gun, lol*.

          So we went to Buds as the first stop and handled several pistols and my Pops favored the S&W Shield Plus in 9mm.  I should have grabbed a pic of it.  he bought the shield with a red dot optics on it and a holster cut for it. then we went shooting

      The range was nice, but they only allowed one person in the lane so I couldn't help my pops out with his pistol.  That irritated me.  He would have gotten more out of the shooting experience than he did. He did get *bit* by the slide twice.


       I put over 100 rounds through my .45 and the pistol happily munched through the box of federal plus the assorted old ball ammo that I had.  Now I have those hollowpoints I will ask Mack about if I should load a couple of magazines.

       My son really liked shooting my .45, he made some comment about finding some group home for me so he can get my guns sooner......*uh oh*, LOL

      We came home and I started working on the Precious, A.K.A my F150, I finished changing the spark plugs...man the ones in the back were hard to get to

                                                            Drivers side

                                                   Passenger's Side

                                Next,    New Wires.  In for a penny, In for a pound.

   I took the plugs off one at a time and stretched it on a table, and matched it with a new plug...I had learned my lesson, way back in the day when I was 19, I took the wires off my 77 granada (inline 6 cylinder and and plugged it back out of sequence.  Luckily a guy showed up at the gas station where I was in a Ford Fairmont and I asked him, if he could pop the hood so I could see how his plugs were set up.  he with some amusement did so and I see what I did wrong and fixed it.   The car ran good after that.

     The old wires on the ground.  I boxed them up when I was through.  I will not chunk anything until I am done.

       Next step is the intake system, then I hae to drive the truck for a hundred miles so I can clear any codes for emissions since my Birthday is coming up soon and in Georgia, you have to have your vehicles emission tested and cleared by your birthday, or they ain't street legal.

  I'm typing on my desk and a solitary hollowpoint is looking back at me.  I guess I am an official member of the gun culture when I have bullets here and there, LOL


  1. LOL, only when they roll out the door when you stop for gas, THEN you are truly a member...

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      Well I have had shotgun ammo do that....so I guess I am truly a member, LOL

  2. I bought a Tisas SDS 1911 "U.S. Property" marked about two years ago. For me, it was a great gun for a great price (I think the pre-COVID price was a little under $300 tax and my FFL transfer). The gun will eat ball ammo like nobody's business, but I have had a couple out of a hundred or so jams shooting hollow point. Of course, the gun was designed to shoot ball.
    I really liked NFO's comment. I cleaned my work truck out a few months ago and probably found over $400 worth of ammo! LOL

    1. Hey Jeffrey;

      Cleaning out a vehicle is like a treasure hunt, you ain't sure what you will find, LOL

  3. I meant to include this link with the last post.



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