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Friday, December 9, 2022

Musings......and a Rant....or Two....

 I saw in the news that Xiden traded a Arms Merchant for that women's basket ball player....

    A few thoughts on this.......First off....WTF!,  Lessee we swap an Arms merchant that took several years of a sting to nail in a foreign country, and he was selling arms that were used in killing Americans and other people friendly to the United States, and we trade him for a Lesbian basketball player that hates America and trash talks the United States every chance she gets on Social media?......Good trade there Sport....I wonder about those hacks in DC on the Potomac what kind of brain dead bullshit was this trade, who thought this was an even trade?  Only Xiden and his administration would made a deal like this and brag about it, where the rest of the world is looking at us with pity and shame wondering what the hell happened to the Great United States, the Clowns are running the Circus I surmise to Xiden that this was a good trade because it panders to his base, you know the ones that are confused, POC's and they hate America.  Now she will come back to America, trash talk the States, and go on a "Victimhood" tour about her time in the gulug system for her stupidity because she thought her celebrity status would shield her like it does in the same place that she despises...Well guess what, it didn't but that part will be glossed over as she will get invited to the Whitehouse and at the same time there is a retired Marine that has been languishing there for 4 years and the Xiden administration didn't do shit for him because he wasn't a celebrity and didn't check off all the boxes necessary for the proper status in the progressive world.   What a Cluster..Foxtrot.


We finished the 2022 election cycle finally a couple of days ago and I can sum it up in one word..."Disappointment", Wat happened to the vaunted Red Wave?  Xiden and the Donks will be embolden to continue their policies.  I know that there was some hankie Pankie in AZ and a couple of other places...but nobody is bothering to do anything about it....Just in a hurry to bury it quickly before the normies get restless.


We had a record turnout here in Georgia for the election and the runoff.  It didn't matter, the usual candidates still screeched "Voter Suppression"  even though Warnock got reelected.  it was a nasty campaign, Warnock had 4 times the money that Walker (R) had and most of it was out of state money and he slung the mud big time.  Sure Hershel Wasn't the best candidate the GOP could have run, but the dynamics is that it had to be a black man to run against Warnock because the Donks would have turned it into a racial issue besides it being an abortion right issue.  

       Hershel did have a lot of flaws from failed marriages, to his domestic violence when he was younger to having a couple of his girlfriends get abortions, all of this happened before he "Found Jesus"
Raphael Warnock continuously puts himself in all his ads as a pastor first. He is also running one of the severest “mud slinging” campaigns in Georgia’s history against Hershel Walker. Hershel has come out numerous times admitting that he had problems with mental illness years ago. Key word HAD. He has also talked about how he got help with his illness, but it wasn’t until he gave his life to Jesus that he got the complete change he was looking for and needed.
The thought hit me the other night while viewing one of the many Warnock smear commercials that if anyone should understand grace and forgiveness and the idea of “second chances” should be a pastor because this is the truth of the gospel. Jesus gives, not only second chances, but 3rd, 4th, 5th all the way to infinity of chances. II Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new” (New King James version).
It appears that Mr. Warnock is more interested in being a politician instead of a pastor. Is he a pastor until it comes to politics then everything is fair game? I don’t see Jesus doing that. 

 Apparently the credibility of the Media is taking another hit....The Hunter Biden Laptop story is making its rounds......again.....and it is coming out by Elon Musk how Twitter and the other Social Media giants buried or just suppressed the story to help Xiden get elected.

  The story came out that 1/3 of the people that voted for Xiden stated that they would have voted for someone else had they known about the Laptop, but the media suppressed the story to make sure that "their man" made it across the finish line first.
People see this stuff and wonder why the trust in the media and the tech giants are soo low, and now Elon Musk is releasing the "Twitter Files" and showing how Twitter actively suppressed the conservative side of the aisle for years and pumped up the left side of the political spectrum.


 Especially at the request of the DNC, and of course the progressives are upset...the secret is out "OMG.....The world is ending, Elon is ruining Twitter, and they have been trying to gaslight him and failing miserably at it.
Facebook is having problems also, what affects one splashes on the other so it will be interesting to see his this plays out.


  Winter is coming and of course the uptick of "Covid " is starting to infect the news again...With the 2022 election over, the Donks can go full Stasi for an entire year than let off in time for the 2024 election and buy off some votes by their "largess" or "free Money" for the freeloading class as they try to get the world to listen to the experts and shut down again "for the good of society", Y'all know what I say to be true...you can see it on the horizon, you can feel it is coming. 

  Speaking of Covid...This is what I hope happens, they go after "Dr Doom", A.K.A. Fauci for his sins during Covid, but with the spineless jellyfisn that makes up the leadership in the GOP, I don't have much hope of that.

With Christmas coming, sure this is humorous because "A Christmas Story" is one of my favorite all time Christmas Movies, along with "Die Hard" but there is truth to this one, Firearm sales have skyrocketed because people are afraid and the soft on crime policies from the Soros DA's is a big factor. But a big problem is that the same DA's will use "Lawfare" against you if you go against their agenda. I;m not sure what is going to happen, but I'm afraid thing will start getting "sporty" because the average American has started losing faith in the institutions because they believe that they are corrupted and twisted.


  1. Th ex-marine was cashiered with a less than honorable discharged for larceny and attempting to cheat on exams. Should have left them both rot.

    1. Hey Gerry;

      I knew about the BCD, but not the other thing.

  2. Whelan was set up... from those in the know. The 'excuse' for not getting him out is his BCD... Good post!

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      With the Russians, They Like to "arrange things" from "accidents " to "Honeytraps" and anything in between. As much as I wanted to go there to check out St Petersburg and Petrograd because I'm into history, I had reservations about running afoul of their FSR because they are thorough and they probably know my background and I don't want to get sucked into something.


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