The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Friday, December 2, 2022

Some Reasons Why Liberals are so annoying to Conservatives...

 I clipped this off "Bongino Report".  There are more to the list, but one has to subscribe and pay, and unfortunately I don't want to do that.  I tried to use "DuckDuckGo" to get around the Paywall but was unsuccessful, but half of the article was still a good article.

I don’t hate liberals, but I do detest liberalism because I view it like an infection. A human being can survive a small infection, with no problem – and the same is true of liberalism. It may sound strange for a conservative to say, but there are lots of wonderful human beings out there that are liberals. They’re nice people, they genuinely mean well and they’re pleasant to be around.

In my experience, however, like infections, liberalism can turn disastrous in a hurry once it starts to spread. The more politically involved a liberal becomes, the more miserable, insufferable, and toxic they often turn out to be. Even if you knew nothing about liberalism other than the effect it has on people, you’d know it’s a monstrous philosophy that smart people avoid like a case of monkeypox.

If you’re conservative, you are probably nodding along. If you’re not into politics or worse yet, a liberal who hasn’t been badly infected yet, you may not understand what we’re talking about. Read this column and you will get it.

1) Liberals insert politics into EVERYTHING: Sporting events? Business? Church? School? Thanksgiving dinner? To liberals, EVERYTHING is a brutal political struggle and sometimes it’s like, “Damnit Alyssa, I just want to enjoy this movie without hearing complaints that the film engages in cultural appropriation and the cast is too cisnormative for you. ”

2) The totalitarian impulse: Liberals love, love, love nothing better than the idea of writing a law in Washington, DC today and forcing everyone else in the country to obey it at gunpoint tomorrow. That’s why so many liberals were secretly ecstatic over COVID.  Having the power to decide whether people got to open their businesses or not, get a haircut or even go to the beach is like a wet dream for a lot of liberals. Many of them are attitudinally no different than the people that run China, but fortunately for us, unlike China, we have a Second Amendment that keeps liberals from going too far.

3) Pro-censorship: Because liberals have given up on proving that their ideas are good, they’ve increasingly embraced censorship. You know, it’s like that old saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, then try to make it impossible for anyone to find out that they have better ideas than you so that you win by default.”

4) They are baffled by gender: Matt Walsh famously did an entire movie called, “What is a Woman?” that revolved around the modern Left’s inability to answer that simple question. What they seem to have settled on is that your gender is whatever you decide it is, which makes absolutely no logical, scientific or common sense. The idea is that kids, who decide that they’re The Rock, Spider-Man, or a dinosaur one minute without being taken seriously, should be treated like the opposite gender the moment a boy takes an interest in My Little Pony or a girl likes football is madness. Allowing confused teen girls to have their breasts cut off or teen boys to have their penises carved up? It’s some of the most horrific lunacy happening on planet Earth. Once you get to the point where you falsely believe you can choose your gender, what can’t you choose? Can a white man choose to be black? Can you choose to be an ox? A coffee table? A planet? Napoleon? If not, why not? All of these things are equally ridiculous and the further we go down this road, the weirder it’s going to get – and newsflash… liberals have already gotten pretty freaking weird on this topic already.

5) Liberals have given up on convincing people their ideas are good: These days, liberals generally don’t even try to make a case for their ideas. Instead, they essentially say, “We’re the good guys and anyone who disagrees with us is a bad guy and our enemy. So, which do you want to be?” They’re not interested in debate, they’re not interested in alternative ideas, they just know that “good people believe what we believe and bad people don’t.” From there, everything else they say is just a backward justification to explain why the Mean Girls Club they’ve created is being victimized by the people they’re tormenting in the hallways.

6) Liberalism is a religion substitute: Devout liberals value liberalism above everything else. For liberals, it’s ahead of friendship, relationships with family, their job, their kids, and even God. Fanatics of any sort get on everyone’s nerves, but zealots screaming about Critical Race Theory, microaggressions, and drag queens are a special kind of hell.

7) Liberals just don’t care if their policies work: Liberals care a lot about how ideas SOUND and MAKE THEM FEEL, but not at all about whether they work or not. As a general rule, liberals are so indifferent to the success and failure of most of the policies they advocate that they don’t even bother to check. There’s certainly no one on the Left going, “Wow, it sure is disappointing that all the promises we sold Obamacare with weren’t true and the higher insurance costs it caused are hurting a lot of Americans, so maybe we should repeal it.” Instead. It’s more like, “Ha! We passed it suckers and if you don’t like that it doesn’t do what we said, too bad! No backsies!” Every liberal policy effectively ends up being Nancy Pelosi saying, "We [need] to pass the bill in order to find out what [is] in it." Of course, by the time you find out what’s in it, you’ve already taken the poison and they’re going to sit there cackling at you, twirling their bad guy mustaches and laughing about how you’re never getting the antidote.

8) Race obsession: Liberals constantly work to tear down the idea of a colorblind America and create the idea that everyone must be judged by their race first… well, except the white liberals, of course. They’re the “good white people” because they’re liberal, so they’re supposed to get a pass for the never-ending racial nonsense they foist on everyone else. Happily, it doesn’t always work out that way and even white liberals end up getting destroyed every so often by the race-obsessed Frankenstein monster that they’ve created.

9) So many liberals are blind to their own hypocrisy: It’s bizarre to see a liberal who has private bodyguards calling for gun confiscation, who flies overseas on a private jet talking about how we’ve all got to cut back on carbon emissions, or who complains about how awful capitalism is by tweeting on their iPhone. Some of this is certainly a, “Do as we say, not as we do sort of thing,” but a lot of times liberals seem to be genuinely oblivious to their own hypocrisy. For most of us, that would be impossible, but most liberals don’t understand the issues they’re talking about very well, haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about them, and haven’t even considered the other side of their arguments. So many of them are like monkeys playing with dynamite who don’t understand why the banana trees keep exploding.

10) Liberals trash America: The United States may not be perfect, but it is the most successful, prosperous, and dominant nation in all of recorded human history. Meanwhile, a bunch of people who can’t even manage a large city or college campus without it turning into a sh*tshow are constantly proclaiming how awful America is, mocking people who unironically love their country, and looking for ways to fundamentally transform it. There is absolutely nothing going on in say Berkeley, Chicago, or New Jersey that suggests liberals could come up with something better than the Founding Fathers did, but that’s not going to stop some dork with a drug habit, a psychologist, and personal pronouns from explaining how we need to be much more like some country that’s ten times less successful than we are.


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