The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

More dark times for the Obamamessiah

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Things are about to get real bad for Hopenchange. For a community organizer who sold himself to be a savior, he is about to enter very dark times. And he will not enter the abyss alone. Obama will take a good part of the Democrat party down with him. The last election will look like an ACORN meeting after extorting a bank and buying Cadillacs come November 2012.
Gas prices are going to skyrocket like never before. The radical Islam movement that is about to overtake the Middle East will reduce the flow of oil to America to a trickle. Obama and his disgraceful EPA have illegally shut down off shore drilling in Louisiana and those platforms are now in Brazil and other parts. They won’t return soon. One terrorist attack on a few refineries and we could be looking at $20 a gallon gas. High gas prices will raise the price on everything we buy. It’s not going to be good. Gas prices are now over $3 a gallon in Dallas.
The economy is a disaster zone and the real unemployment rate is nearly 20%. Obama and the Dims have created $5 trillion in debt since 2006. Last year’s deficit was $1.5 trillion. This year it will be at least $1.6 trillion! Yet, the Democrats scream if Republicans try to reduce spending!
Obama has shown his true colors in organizing the Wisconsin union protests. Think about it…a US President organizing union protests and walkouts against a state that is trying to financially save itself from the disaster generations of Democrats have created! Obama is owned and paid for by corrupt labor unions. American wealth producers in the private sector have never paid attention to the upward spiraling costs of public sector employee pay and benefits. Hard-working and over-taxed Americans now are focused like laser beams on the corrupt deal making that has occurred between Democrats and unions at the cost of the taxpayer. This will not go well for unions, Democrats or Obama!
Today, Obama instructed the racist, communist Attorney General Eric Holder not to prosecute cases pertaining to the Defense of Marriage Act signed into law by Bubba Clintoon which states that marriage is between a man and a woman. Obama says he will not uphold the law because it is unconstitutional! Of course, commie racist Holder concurs! THIS IS AMERICA!!! The president does not determine what is or is not constitutional!! Obama has once again arrogantly usurped powers that are not his! His pledge as president is to uphold the laws of the United States and protect the Constitution. He has broken both of those. I hope to see impeachment charges brought against him soon!
Obama has sided against Arizona with the corrupt Mexican government on two occasions in court in support of illegal aliens that are destroying Arizona while Obama throws gala parties with union leaders!! He was aware that Scotland was going to release the Libyan bomber of Pan Am 103 yet did nothing! After the release, Hussein had the audacity to feign outrage! It is quite apparent Obama is a disgraceful con man who hates his country!
Jimmy Carter is guilty of losing Iran. Obama will be guilty of losing the entire middle east. This will not end pretty and could end up in a world war. With China, Russia and their friends just itching to see the US go down, we may see something occur militarily before America can seat a real president in 2012. Why fight Reagan when you can walk all over Carter?
Hussein has alienated our allies and provided aid and comfort to our enemies. He now makes no pretense of covering his actions. Who would have ever thought an American president and wife would not be invited to the wedding of a British royal?
With today’s statement about the Defense of Marriage Act, Obama has thrown in the towel for any chance of winning any independent votes. Only the hard-core left really cares about homosexual marriage. His actions show he will concentrate on pandering only to the hard-core left. This is what he always has done but before he didn’t have a real track record of screwing everyone else. He could at least talk the talk about bipartisanship. For Obama, there is no going back now.
More and more Americans openly despise our president. He had better hope for massive voter fraud from ACORN in 2012 to even think about another term. Of course, the tea party has a little something for him this time concerning voter fraud! We can organize too!
The beginning of the end is nigh for Obama and the Dims. Once inflation and prices skyrocket, jobs continue to flee the country, and we are humiliated as a country as we were this week by the murders of 4 Christian missionaries at the hands of Somali Muslim pirates, Obama could see an uprising in America on the scale of Egypt. A president who does not respect nor honor the Constitution may not last through a major strike and uprising. Nor should he! Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence give us protections from corrupt men such as Barack Hussein Obama!
Unfortunately, the same dark clouds that will hang over Obama will also cover America until we can bring sanity back Washington and the White House.

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