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Thursday, February 10, 2011

lets piss away more money..........its is only the taxpayers money...

Let's see. We're $14 trillion in debt. There are trillion dollar deficits as fad as the eye can see and Jug Hussein Ears wants to throw $53 billlon down a rathole for high speed rail.
WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is calling for a six-year, $53 billion spending plan for high-speed rail, as he seeks to use infrastructure spending to jumpstart job creation.
WTF? I thought that $900 billion porkulus bill was supposed to be for "infrastructue spending". Where did all of that money go?
An initial $8 billion in spending will be part of the budget plan Obama is set to release Monday. If Congress approves the plan, the money would go toward developing or improving trains that travel up to 250 miles per hour, and connecting existing rail lines to new projects. The White House wouldn't say where the money for the rest of the program would come from, though it's likely Obama would seek funding in future budgets or transportation bills.
We don't have the money. We're broke. High speed rail is a liberal wet dream. Yannow what high speed rail runs on? Electricity. And what do Obungler and his liberal minions want to do about electricity? No coal plants. No nuke plants. Solar, wind, and unicorn piss is gonna provide the electricity needed for electric cars and high speed rail. Also Poof! PFM!
What makes these idiots think that high speed rail is gonna work? We have to subsidize Amtrak fer chrissakes. High speed rail will be Amtrak on steroids.
Sarah Palin nailed it when she said that high speed rail will be a "bullet train to bankruptcy".

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