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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fortune cookie

 I got this fromhttp://randomthoughtsandguns.blogspot.com/
My fortune cookie said, "Don't go to the well too many times."  Also my lucky numbers are 5, 2, 6, 1, 15, 45, and 40.

I don't really care about the lucky numbers, but the proverb "don't go to the well too many times" is good advice.  In plain English the proverb means "don't let a habit turn into a rut" or "don't repeat the same thing all the time."

Life is change.  And a huge part of my life is fighting for change in other countries, and fighting against change at home.  But change is inevitable.  The real question is about shaping the future.  There are two main sides fighting for change.  The left knows what they want, and they are fighting very hard to turn this nation into a true "socialist paradise."  After all, if the point of a union is to protect union workers against being exploited by evil employers then the point of a "public employee union" must be to protect the employee from the evil taxpayers.

The fight in Wisconsin is a "decisive battle" according to Clausewitz.  This is a tipping point where the winner gains a huge advantage for years to come.  Remember the dark days after the AWB was passed?  Remember how hard Conservatives fought to put in the "sunset clause" just to keep from getting completely steamrolled?  That was a tipping point, and the forces of oppression enjoyed a tactical advantage for years afterward.

But the forces of oppression went to the well too many times, their lies became obvious.  Their narrative became tiresome.  They did not exploit their victory by using new tactics.  They watched as conservatives took the fight elsewhere, to the States and changing "may issue" to "shall issue".  Think of this as true insurgent behavior, if you can't fight on the national scene fight on the state scene.  If you can't fight on the state scene fight on the county scene.

And exploit your victories by moving on.  Once you have achieved on thing, it makes no sense to do it again.  Move on.  Do something different.  The struggle for freedom is not just a 2nd Amendment thing, the struggle is for all freedoms.  1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 10th being where I see the big confrontations happening.

We live in interesting times.  You can get an abortion without a background check but not a rifle.  You can communicate across the globe in real time but have to watch what you say for fear of having your house raided and firearms confiscated without ever being charged with a crime.  The Liberals want to know exactly how many guns I have.  Why?  I don't want to know how many dildos someone else has, and a dildo is a much better substitute for a penis than a firearm.  I am dangerous because I am human, with the capacity to reason through problems and choose among solutions.  Even if I were denied the use of Arms it would not stop my capacity for violence.

How is that knife control going over in the UK?  Probably about as well as the CCTV monitoring progress in solving crime.  But this isn't about crime, or about safety.  This is all about control.  Either people will have the freedom to govern themselves or Joan Peterson will be more than happy to govern people because she is sure they can't do the job on their own.  I'm going to try to stop blogging about Joan Peterson for a while, her level of willful ignorance truly offends me and I don't want to go to the well too many times.

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