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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Airport 77

I watched the 3rd installment of the "airport" movies and decided to do a bit of research on the airplane used for the footage.

08/10/1970 American Airlines N9667   Correct
29/10/1978 Braniff Airways N9667   Correct
30/05/1984 Citicorp N9667   Correct
23/07/1984 National Airlines N9667   Correct
01/09/1985 Air Afrique N9667   Correct
01/04/1986 Citicorp N14937   Correct
01/07/1986 Air Inter LX-MCV   Correct
02/07/1986 Cargolux LX-MCV   Correct
01/08/1987 Iran Air LX-MCV   Correct
08/10/1987 United Airlines N157UA Scrapped at GWO in 2001   


American Airlines Boeing 747 N9667

American Airlines Boeing 747-123 N9667 (20106) at Los Angeles-International in October 1980.
This aircraft went on to several leases before ending up with United as N157UA in 1987. It was eventually broken up at Greenwood. Mississippi

     This is the pic I pulled off clipboard showing the plane in the movie

     What can I say, I am a sucker for airplane movies

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