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Friday, February 25, 2011

Gas prices...

Remember during the eeeevil Chimpy McHalliburton Bushitler's reign when gas prices topped $3 per gallon and the Dims and the LSM were screaming about it? It was all Bush's fault! It was all Cheney's fault. It was all the Republican's fault. I guess now that gas is once again over $3 per gallon it's still Bush's fault. So is everything else bad going on around the world. Wahh! It's Bush's fault. Jug Hussein Ears inherited all of these problems from Chimpy.
Here's an interesting chart that AlphaDelta sent me.
Also, the largest deficit during the Bush years was $600 billion. Unemployment was around 5%.
So the next time a liberal starts bemoaning how bad it was during the eight years of the Bushitler administration tell 'em you prefer low unemployment, deficits under $1.5 trillion, and gas prices under $3 per gallon.
The longer Obungler is in office, the better the eight years under Bush look. How's that hope and change bullshit working out for y'all.
       My job is based on the Aviation industry and high prices and TSA have hurt the industry, fewer people are willing to pay the prices and deal with the hassles

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