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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Will Egypt be to Obama as Iran was to Carter?

I also lifted this from AWDhttp://angrywhitedude.com/    I give credit where credit is due, these are great posting and I will shamelessly cut and paste.

Listening to the news of Egypt, American liberals are giddy about the possibility of Egyptian dictator Hosne Mubarak being overthrown. Never have I heard liberals talk so much about democracy! In fact, I never hear liberals talk of democracy. Which can only mean one thing concerning Egypt. Since libtards want Mubarak out, hardcore Muslim mullahs will be in charge of Egypt within a few months! Democracy in Egypt? Yeah, right!
Obama seems to be doing his part to throw Mubarak under the bus. News reports are starting to surface that the United States has aided the protesters and their leaders. The rebel leader is none other than Mohamed el Baradei, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former UN Nuclear Watchdog chief who never met a Muslim thug he didn’t like. Didn’t anyone find it scary that the guy who was in charge of controlling nuclear proliferation was a Muslim? Iran’s nukes were developed right under el Baradei’s nose. Why am I not surprised?
Egypt is a Muslim country. Muslims kill Christians on a weekly basis there. A thug dictator is needed from keeping the greater evil of Islamic mullahs from taking control. Mubarak has a heavy hand but in no way is a danger to the rest of the world as Iran.
The idiot Jimmy Carter didn’t like that the Shah of Iran imprisoned wacko radical Islamists so he withdrew support for the Shah. Just as Obama is doing with Mubarak. This opened the door for the evil Ayatollah Khomeini and his mad mullahs to take control of Iran, turn the clocks back a few centuries for their citizens while developing nuclear weapons. It’s a problem we’ve lived with since the lowly Carter stunk up the White House. Think the same won’t happen in Egypt? Guess again!
This is the problem with liberals. They are basically stupid. They will overthrow the devil they know who poses no threat to us to dance with the devil that will kill us! Radical muslims all over the world are watching Egypt. After Tunisia and Egypt, more are going to be emboldened to overthrow the thugs who keep the mullahs locked up in other middle east countries. The entire region could be soon under the control of Muslim madmen mullahs.
This is a very dangerous time to have an amateur president with a very soft spot for Islam in his cold, dark heart. If Islamic mullahs take over Egypt, they can soon expect shipments of nukes from their friends in Iran. This is not good news for Israel. Things could get real messy in a real hurry and I think we know what side our commander in chief is on!

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