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Thursday, March 31, 2011

rioting in England

I was watching the news and saw the riots in England with people protesting the austerity measures from the British Government.  The people trashed shops and looted other shops.  They are basically acting like children having a temper tantrum.  The government gravy train that has supported several generations of freeloaders has started to run out of money.  The reaction of the average leftist/anarchist is to break things and demand that the money to keep their freeloading lifestyle going.  What happened to the British people?  Several generations ago we had Winston Churchill promise to fight them on the beaches and never surrender.  Now we have generations of people that believe that it is their right to live off the sweat equity of other people.  Where is the pride?
  I believe that this is what happens when government assumes the role of mother and father.  like the phrase from a tv show that I still watch that I used called Babylon5 about the PSYCORP..the PSYCORP is mother and father and the teeps(telepaths)  have loyalty to the organization.  The same principle apples with the government .  People that get goodies from the government have loyalty to the programs that enable them to live with out working and their sole job is to vote for the politicians to keep the gravy flowing.
Now the blogosphere is having rumblings that this summer, the big government labor unions like the SIEU  and others will hold major protest rallys to cause major problems.  They got energized by what had happened in Wisconsin.  they know that their power is directly derived from how much money they can funnel to democratic politicians.  Also there is another provision that would remove the automatic union  dues deductions and the union has to ask your permission to use the money for political activities.   I was in a union when I was in the automotive manufacture industry.  I also was a shop steward, It amazed me that the union(U.A.W) supported people that wanted to legislate our jobs out of existence.  I read Gore's book " Earth in the balance" and he stated that he wanted to legislate the American manufacturing base out of existence.  the Democrats would take the money from the UAW, mouth some platitudes then continue pursuing an agenda that showed that they were more aligned with the radical green movement.  I couldn't understand that.  Now the government unions are different, there is no check and balance on the relationship between the gov't union and the government enities.  With a private union like what is at the auto plants, the company and union officials would work together to get an equitable agreement.  With the government union, there is no threshold of pain, only the taxpayer on the hook for the increases.

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