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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Public education

Isn't it odd how we celebrate President's Day by making sure that no government services are available? Then again, maybe that is something to celebrate!

Update 3/20/11 - This cartoon was pulled from the vaults because it mentions the sad state of our public schools; a topic I'd wanted to touch on this week - but which got pushed aside by more urgent news events.

According to the "No Child Left Behind" standards which President George Bush instituted for assessing the quality of education being delivered, more than 75% of all public schools will receive a failing grade this year unless something is done. Unfortunately, the "something" being proposed by Barack Obama is a lowering of standards...so the schools don't actually have to improve to get a passing grade.

Additionally, it was announced this week that the "Barack H. Obama Elementary School," which was renamed two years ago to "inspire" students, will be closing permanently owing to dwindling attendance. Which just goes to show that if you name a school to honor a man whose greatest accomplishment was being "present"...students won't be. 

   My thoughts....

  I am sure that people in school do know about MLK, Rosa park and Harriet Tubman though, MLK was an important figure in American history but not to the level that he has been promoted.   I still hear that MLK was a supporter of black liberation theology...the same stuff that Obummer's pastor regularly spouted from his pulpit.   Whereas Rosa Park had guts to stand up for herself on the bus that sparked the modern civil rights movement. and Harriet Tubman was a key figure of the underground railroad.  They all are important, but it seems that they stress certain people and ignore others to support a political agenda.  I remember when history was taught to teach about the past so we wouldn't repeat the mistakes of the past.  Now there is a revisionist movement afoot to teach history in support of a political agenda and not the facts.

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