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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Female protestor stands her ground in Frankfurt against muslims

This Woman has courage, to speak out despite the intimidation by the radicals in Frankfurt. I used to live there in Germany and was stationed there for 5 years. To have somebody stand up and say something is telling. She is aware of the danger of the radicals that protest in Europe and have nothing but contempt for their host nations. The radicals want to impose sharia law in Europe and their own beliefs on other.  I wish more of the people of the West would stand up to the radical muslims and speak their mind and not be cowed or intimidated by the PC movement that is rampant in the West.   What is more powerful about the above video is the fact that the PC movement is stronger in Europe than here, and to have an average German speak her mind.  What the video doesn't show is what the other people are saying, I believe that they are the muslims, they are telling her to"go away" If the German Police wasn't there, they would have done more than tell her to go away.  Radical muslims view women as chattel and as property and they will beat women for disobeying the men.   To me she is the German version of Pamela Geller of http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/
      Go you girl, to me she is a heroine for standing up for what is proper and I hope that nothing bad happens to her for speaking up.


  1. I caught this on the sidebar at AOS... you did a great write up on it. One of the comments on youtube asks where are the men? I thought that was quite telling that She was the only one that was speaking out. What a brave woman.

    BTW.. I stopped over from wirecutters blog :)

  2. Yeah, she's got bigger ones than most men, that's for sure.