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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Give me a break,,,,,,,,

I got this off Yahoo news servicehttp://news.yahoo.com/s/ac/20110426/pl_ac/8366797_right_wingers_continue_to_meanspiritedly_nitpick_at_president_obama;_ylt=AjXnhRUTfB4GpR6TyTEcnVj9xg8F;_ylu=X3oDMTRxc3Y0YmhvBGFzc2V0A2FjLzIwMTEwNDI2LzgzNjY3OTdfcmlnaHRfd2luZ2Vyc19jb250aW51ZV90b19tZWFuc3Bpcml0ZWRseV9uaXRwaWNrX2F0X3ByZXNpZGVudF9vYmFtYQRjY29kZQN1Z21wZQRjcG9zAzgEcG9zAzgEc2VjA3luX3RvcF9zdG9yaWVzBHNsawNyaWdodHdpbmdlcnM-, The Red fonts are my thoughts.........

Right Wingers Continue to Mean-Spiritedly Nitpick at President Obama

Cry me a fucking river  Did I say that out loud?   My bad.  The same left that slung so much vitriol at Bush, Palin  derided my Tea Party as "astroturf" call the Republicans " Mean spirited"


COMMENTARY | Despite the fact President Barack Obama participated in an Easter Egg roll Monday as well as church services Sunday, he has once again come under fire by right wingers, this time over trivial matters regarding the religious holiday: The White House never released a proclamation about Easter, and even conservative TV hacks like Sean Hannity whined about it Monday night with his "Great American Panel."
Seeing the president and first lady participate with thousands of children for the annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House South Lawn, progressives, who are cognizant of how much the right wing loathes Obama, must have wondered what grounds they would find to accuse the president over this time. Like how he and Michelle read the story "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" or the "Get Up and Go" theme promoting anti-obesity?
Given the White House had issued releases on Muslim holidays and Earth Day, conservatives have found yet another "Obama conspiracy" to gripe about, along with his birth certificate, the issue that current leader in the Republican pre-primary polls Donald Trump has been browbeating for his own ego

Where can I start.....lessee....The term right wingers...The left use that word like an  epitaph.  They put soo much emotion into that word,  like the people that don't agree with you politically are evil, stupid and ignorant.
   Obummer talks about earthday, which just so happens to be on V.I.Lenin's birthday, like that was some coincidence...they had 365 days to pick one and just so happens to pick one for the guy that started the communist party.  Obummer also mentions Muslim holidays and doesn't mention the christian ones,  His response was to say" Those holidays aren't practiced by most Americans"  The birth certificate was mentioned, as I understand it, obummer finally released the complete one.  This individual mention conservative conspiracies ..like the liberals don't? what you call the 911 truth crap?
         A lot of people don't know when certain Muslim holidays take place, as well as Earth Day. So why get on the White House and Obama for letting the public know that the executive branch of government is aware of the holidays of other religions that aren't practiced by the majority of Americans? It's not like Obama or his family are seen regularly attending mosques.  They attend churches that practice black liberation theology and push social justice. 
What the Obama bashers fail to realize is that actions speak louder than words. Obama and his family attended services at a Washington Baptist church shiloh baptist church, the one that said that obummers preacher Rev Wright was correct about America preaches Black liberation Theology and continued the Easter tradition with kids Monday. He was golfing sunday....You know...that day called Easter? Furthermore, virtually every American knows that Easter weekend took place this past weekend,But the Easter Egg hunt was on monday.gotta get in some golf... so why necessarily make a proclamation about it?So those that are new to this country will understand the significance of a major holiday  to their host country. What, does Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin need White House reminders about holidays since their awareness about other things is questionable, i.e., the Minnesota congresswoman's lack of U.S. history knowledge, How about obummers lack of knowedge of U.S. Constitutional law. and the former Alaska governor needing hand crib notes to get by? Obummer don't use crib notes...he has professional speechwriters and a fucking teleprompter.

Being against a president over his policies is one thing, but being petty over everything Obama says and does reflects the mean-spiritedness of many in the conservative movement.   How about the vitriol used against bush and Palin, we are just mean, what y'all did was so far past mean it was utterly disrespectful and blind hatred.  We listened to y'all spout off and say the nastiest  vilest , made a movie about assassinate Bush, y'all with the code pink wacko's gave medical supplies and money to those people that are actively trying to kill our troops.  Y'all ridiculed him as a chimp with a hitler mustache.   Y'all have done things to Bush for 8 years and now y'all want to call us "mean spirited"  well fuck you,   Get a life and a clue.


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