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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Delta repaints the last mainline aircraft with new livery

I got this from one of my airplane blogs that I check outl  I do pay attention with Delta, they are a huge influence in the Atlanta area, and the old southern saying is that you can't go to heaven on your own, Delta runs a waystation to get you there.

April 13, 2011
Photo: Richard takes a look at Ship 970 after it was repainted Wednesday.
Delta repainted the final mainline aircraft in the airline’s three-dimensional, red Widget flying across a blue background on Wednesday.
Richard, Ed, Steve Gorman, e.v.p. and chief operating officer,  Glen Hauenstein, e.v.p.-Network Planning and Revenue Management, and Neel Shah, chief cargo officer, were on hand to watch the roll-out of the newly repainted plane − Ship 970, an MD-88 − from the Delta TechOps hangar Wednesday morning. The plane received its last coat of paint in the morning and was rolled out of Bay 11 shortly after.
The entire mainline Delta fleet as well as all of the premerger Northwest mainline fleet are now in new colors except for aircraft that have been retired. About 729 mainline aircraft have been painted since 2007.
“This airplane behind me I think by my count is the first time in the last two decades that we have had our mainline fleet painted in the same livery in perfect paint jobs,” Richard said. “So when you go see all the tails lined up across the system or you are here in Atlanta, you are going to see the same consistent livery. It’s really important because we’ve got to have consistent livery, consistent product and consistent branding worldwide. And this is emblematic of all the progress we have made.”
Other than the standard fleet colors, Delta has seven planes in special liveries: the pink plane, endorsing the Breast Cancer Research Foundation; one promoting Habitat For Humanity; five in SkyTeam livery; The Delta Spirit, which was dedicated to employees in 2008; and the newly christened Spirit of Atlanta, commemorating Delta’s 70 years as the city’s hometown airline.
The last time the entire Delta fleet was painted in one livery was in March of 1997

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