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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Obamas Silent in the Face of Race Atrocity

 I got this from the American thinkerhttp://www.americanthinker.com  
      There have been a spat of  black on white violence the past few years.  And here in Atlanta some Delta airline employees got attacked, beatened and robbed.  All you have to do is go to you tube and type in black on white violence and you would have a plethora of clips to choose from.  
For the average human being, it was not possible to watch the video of two black women beating the life out of a defenseless white woman at a McDonald's in Baltimore and not feel complete and total revulsion.  Adding to the horror was the knowledge that the black employees -- one who only half-heartedly attempted to intervene, one who was filming the barbarism, and perhaps others not seen on the video -- did absolutely nothing to save the white woman from her assailants.

While police investigations are focusing on whether the attack was a racially motivated hate crime, the LGBT group is also suggesting that the assault was a hate crime due to the victim being a transgender woman, notwithstanding what appears to be a lack of evidence that the woman's sexual status was known by her assailants.  In either case, it is clear from the video that the monsters beating their helpless prey were filled with animal blood lust that was completely inhuman.

One of the first thoughts that I had when trying to process this heinous assault that left the woman bleeding from her mouth and seizing violently on the ground was how it reminded me of the days of wilding, the Central Park jogger case in particular, and of all the other senseless hate crimes that occur in our cities. 
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