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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Light Posting...Again.

Posting will be light...I am in aircraft specific training for the next 2 weeks *cough Airbus*hack*.  I am again on day shift for the 2 weeks so my sleep pattern got jacked up...again.  Once stuff slows down and I can catch a breath, I will post more. 


  1. Oh... 'enjoy' that... And just remember feminine logic... NOT the normal way acft are put together or normally work...

  2. You are correct, Airbus has a different idea, especially when it comes to aircraft avionics. So far there is a lot of stuff being thrown at me and I passed my first test yesterday with a 92. I am happy with that. Now there are 3 more, On Friday we will be tested on APU's and Power plants. The airbus uses a CFM56 A-3 or A-5 depending if it is a A320 or an A319. Still very educational. ANd 2 weeks on day shift isn't a bad thing. I saw a blazing orb in the sky today and realized that it wasn't the moon, but the Sun.