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Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Gibbs Rules"

I am up here in Tennessee in Sevierville TN, Home to Dollywood and other touristy stuff.  I am up here visiting family and I visited my favorite store .Smoky Mountain Knife Works, you can find many types of knives,  cutlery,  many politically incorrect shirts, 5.11 tactical items.  They also have a national knife museum there.   They have knives from SOF,Gerber, Smith&Wessen, case,  Swords, hatchets and many others.   I was coming in to pick up another knife for work and scouting.  I believe in a good knife, they are like firearms, you get what you pay for.  A good knife is necessary, I use my S&W HRT for everything from cutting wires, opening boxes and packages, cutting various materials and a myriad of other uses.

   The knife on bottom is my "working" knife, the one on top is the "new" one.  The new one is a S&W "First Responder"  It is similar to my other blade.  I also picked up some politically incorrect decals for my toolbox at work.  Walking around and reading the stuff on various toolboxes can be quite entertaining especially if you ain't politically correct.
     Speaking of knives, I remembered one of the quotes from a show that I really like.  the show is called "NCIS" it is on CBS and you usually see it on USA when they have a marathon viewing sessions.  I like the show partly because they show the services as honorable with a code of conduct and behavior.    The knife thing came from one of the rules that the main character "Gibbs" uses and lives by.   Check out rule #9.

Gibbs' Rules are an extensive series of guidelines that Leroy Jethro Gibbslives by and teaches to the people he works closely with.


Gibbs's rules originated from his first wife, Shannon Gibbs, who told him at their first meeting, "Everyone needs a code they can live by." Years later, after their wedding, Gibbs began writing his rules down, keeping them in a small tin inside his home.Though he uses it often we almost never see the tin.
The knowledge of the rules' origins is left as a mystery to the people that Gibbs works with, though some of them do make concentrated efforts to find out.Tony makes several attempts to find out who taught Gibbs the rules, though he has not yet met with any success. On one occasion, he quoted Rule Nine as a rule that "they teach you in the Marine Corps," but the Marine in question was unaware of what he was referring to. On another occasion, Tony asked Jackson Gibbs if he had taught the rules to his son, but the older man denied any involvement.
On the other hand, when Rule Twenty-Three was once referred to during a case, a nearby MP quoted the rule correctly.


At the beginning of her tenure with NCIS, Gibbs informed Ziva David that there were approximately fifty rules that were his job to teach her. Some years later, Gibbs added the fifty-first rule to the tin he kept the rules in.  According to Tony, seven of the rules directly concern lawyers, and that the eighth rule was inspired by a lawyer.  Rule forty and above are not rules necessary for everyday life, they are for emergencies.  Note: Look below at Duplication for info about rules # 1-3

The rules

Rule #1: Never let suspects stay together.This is the first rule of investigation not a real Gibbs rule.
Rule #1: Never screw over your partner. Note: This is quoted by McGee to be Gibbs' Number One,but the other Rule One is quoted in other episodes to be his. Earlier, McGee had told Agent Borne that rule number one has been taken twice, showing that he knows that there are two number one rules.
Rule #2: Always wear gloves at a crime scene.
Rule #3: Don't believe what you're told. Double check.
Rule #3: Never be unreachable. (*Most likely one of Mike Franks' "Golden Rules" (see below) as opposed to Gibbs, because Gibbs has been known to intentionally be unreachable.*) This was a rule quoted by Tony regarding Ziva or Tim[
Rule #4: The best way to keep a secret? Keep it to yourself. Second best? Tell one other person - if you must. There is no third best.
Rule #5: You don't waste good. 
Rule #6: Never say you're sorry. It's a sign of weakness. Note: This is continuously told to Tony, Ziva and Tim through a smack to the back of their heads.
Rule #7: Always be specific when you lie.
Rule #8: Never take anything for granted. Note: This is re-quoted as "Never assume." by McGee to Gibbs six years later.
Rule #9: Never go anywhere without a knife.
Sometimes listed as "Never leave home without a knife."
Also quoted as "Always carry a knife."
Rule #10: Never get personally involved in a case.
Said by the SecNav to be Rule #1 in Washington politics.
Rule #11: When the job is done, walk away.
Rule #12: Never date a co-worker.
Rule #13: Never, ever involve a lawyer.
Rule #15: Always work as a team.
Rule #16: If someone thinks they have the upper hand, break it.
Rule #18: It's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.
Rule #22: Never, ever bother Gibbs in interrogation.
Rule #23: Never mess with a Marine's coffee... if you want to live.
Rule #27: There are two ways to follow someone. First way, they never notice you. Second way, they only notice you.
Rule #35: Always watch the watchers. 
Rule #36: If you feel like you are being played, you probably are.
Rule #38: Your case, your lead.
Rule #39: There is no such thing as coincidence.
            DiNozzo says "There is no such thing as a small world" is 39a in 10x14 "Canary"
Rule #40: If it seems someone is out to get you, they are.
Rule #42: Never accept an apology from someone who just sucker punched you.
Rule #44: First things first, hide the women and children.
Rule #45: Clean up the mess that you make.
Also stated as, "Never leave behind loose ends.
Rule #51: Sometimes - you're wrong.
This is written on the back of the card with Rule 13 (which Gibbs circles first) in the tin where Gibbs keeps the rules

Rule #69: Never trust a woman who doesn't trust her man. 

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