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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Don't judge too quickly...We won't"

I am studying for the Pneumatic Air System and PAC air conditioning test and I have come to a conclusion...Airbus loves their acronyms.  And they choose the most off the wall ones because Boeing used the logical ones first and by God Airbus ain't going to use the same terminology that Boeing uses....Here is an example..."Name a computer that controls Avionic cooling?"  Well the answer is "Avionics Equipment Ventilation Computer or the AEVC."  I think Boeing used the "Avionic cooling system"  if memory serves...It has been a while since I worked on Boeing since I have been working the Airbus for a year.

   Here is a video that we watched during break....If I recall, the commercial was out a few years ago and I though it was very neat and imaginative...if a bit risque.

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