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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shotguns and other stuff

This is an idea for a post that Murphy and Old NFO did a week ago? perhaps a bit longer where they pulled out a pump shotgun and a sporting related shotgun.  I thought that was a good idea but didn't have time to do one of my own until now.
The first one is my Remington 870 "Police", I bought it in 1987 at the Nellingen barracks Rod and Gun shop in Germany, I bought it at the same time I had purchased my first pistol.  The shotgun has stayed relatively the same since I purchased it with the exception that I added a magazine extension and I added a couple of extra magazine caddies on it.  One in the stock and I also used a "first aid" pouch to clip some more shells on the sling.  It actually has a regular sight rather than a bead which was unusual at that time.  I can go either slugs or regular 00 buck.  I got that idea from all the pictures of the WWII GI's clipping extra ammo on the sling of their rifles for easy access.  I need to add a light to it for target illumination.
    The second shotgun is my Czech over and under made by BRNO, it is a model ZH 107.  I had bought it from one of the Germans that used my skeet range and if I recall, I got it at a "fire sale" price.    The rifle looked rough at the time.  I had the internals reworked by another German friend that was a "technicker" by trade, I think that meant he was a industrial engineer.  Heinz rebuilt the internals.  One of the guys in my unit redid the furniture and added a shoulder pad.  I was blown away by the work he did.  And he just charged me $94 in 1988 dollars.  A lot of money but I though the work was worth it  The shotgun has 2 triggers, one for each barrel and a safety in the trigger guard that would automatically engage once the breech was closed after loading.  The shotgun also used an "open bore" no choke for the shot pattern, so when I shoot, I had to be fast. 
You can see some of the combloc craftsmanship.  No Western shotgun maker would have left such an exposed aesthetic flaw such as that.  I don't care, to me it adds to the character of the shotgun.
     There is no skeet range near my house so the last time I fired skeet was over 20 years ago.  I used to be decent, now I prolly suck at it.
    I have 2 weapons made by BRNO, I also have a CZ-50 that uses .32 ACP.  I carry that pistol on a regular basis, the 32 isn't a preferred man-stopper, but the pistol is easily concealable and it can fire single or double action and when I have a round in the chamber, I have the safety on which I can flip off and squeeze the trigger.  or pull the hammer back and squeeze the trigger.  That pistol used to belong to the Czech national police until they upgraded to the CZ-75 in 9mm.  I wish I had bought another one, but back then I didn't think of future value.  I was just a regular GI back then.
     On a different note, My son went to boy scout camp right after Christmas and one of the merit badges he got was his "rifle" merit badge.  The instructor commented that he was the only one that wasn't "prairie-dogging" after he shot which meant that he didn't raise his head up after each shot.  I had taught my son to keep his cheekweld on the stock while he operated a bolt action rifle so his point of aim wouldn't change and he shot some impressive groups.
We had gone to the range right after Christmas so I could dislocate/relocate my shoulder making some brass for my friend who uses mosin nagant brass to load his .45-70 rounds.  My son also shot my EBR.
While the son went to camp we went car shopping for the spousal unit, whom had totaled her Ford Freestyle in early December.
Well we found a cherry 2009 Ford Edge limited with real low miles and got it for a real good price
This is why my postings have been light the past couple of weeks.  I can start raising hell about the Obama regime and all the things they do that is unconstitutional and the lamestream media gives him and the democrats a pass and actually carries his water up the hill for him.

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  1. I think that old BRNO is neat. I mean, who else has one? It's unique. You'd have everyone at the skeet range asking to shoot it. Heck, I'd love to shoot it!