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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monday Music Saga "On the Loose"

I know...It is Tuesday...Not Monday....The rant I posted Yesterday was supposed to go on Sunday but it didn't happen.  it would up going out on Monday.....So Guess what..."Monday Music" goes out on Tuesday this week...*.Eh* It happens...But anyway, I remembered seeing this song on MTV back when they played Music video's and this song had a cool sound and a cool video and I really liked the song.   This song went out on Saga's 4th album "worlds apart" and to me it is a good "driving song"  one you can play loud.

Widely considered Saga's best album (and certainly their most commercially successful), the album has become the band's most recognizable work to date. The first song on the album, "On the Loose" was a single that hit #26 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #3 on Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks in 1981, landing Saga their best chart performance. The single was helped with a music video which appeared on MTV during the station's inaugural year on the air. Videos were also made for the singles "Wind Him Up" and "Amnesia". The success of the album was also largely credited to an expanded tour roster which saw the band enter new territories and venues, particularly in the United States, to expand their musical presence. Worlds Apart has been certified Platinum in Canada and Gold in Germany, Denmark, the United States and Norway.

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  1. Good one, thanks! I vaguely remember that one...LOL I was ass deep in trying to finish up my degree in 81, so not a lot of 'play' time.