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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mainstream Media kisses Obama's Posterior

I am vary busy right now so I can't do a rant myself, but I ran across this one from Neal Boortz and shamelessly ripped it off.  The pictures are compliments of my folder of political pics.

Right now the media owes 0bama and the Democrats.  Considering the scope of the 0bamacare roll-out cluster&#@k the media simply had to report on it or all semblance of credibility would be lost.  Now it’s payback time.  Now it’s time for the media to pay 0bama and the Democrats back for this insurrection, and they’re coming around big time.
            How?  Just how is the media paying 0bama back for their offensive 0bamacare reporting?  How do we know the media is back on track promoting the Democrat big-government mantra?  Look at the reporting on income equality --- and there you have it.
            Virtually everywhere you turn you’ll see stories in newspapers, on television and on radio about the scourge of income inequality.  Toss in the mindless Hollywood crowd and academia – professor-types generally unprepared to earn a living in the private sector – and you have one of the most intensive efforts to carry the Democrat’s message I’ve seen in decades.

            And why have the Democrats turned to this income inequality message?  Why do millionaire Democrat Senators and Congressmen stand in the well of the Senate and the House to piss and moan about how bad inequality is?  Come on now, this isn’t all that hard.  They are doing this for two reasons:  First, it gets the conversation away from the disaster that is 0bamacare.  Secondly, it works; and it works very, very well.
            Now we know the Democrats plan for this year’s mid-term elections, and we know just how the media is going to do what it has done for decades – help the Democrats add up the votes.   The dumb masses are going to be told that the reason they don’t have as much money as they might like is because evil rich people – who vote Republican – are taking all the money for themselves.  They will be told that the only way they’re ever going to have more money is if they elect more Democrats so that the Democrats can beat down these evil, greedy Republicans in congress and take more of that money away from the rich – money that was stolen from “working class” Americans – and give it to the poor.  One way to do this will be to raise the minimum wage.  These rich bastards are keeping that money for themselves when they should be paying it to their workers – and if you just elect enough Democrats they’ll put a stop to this greedy behavior.

            Again … let’s get back to education.  If it weren’t for the hideous quality of our state schools, this line of economic Bolshoi would never work.  Democrats absolutely depend on the economic ignorance of their voters to maintain power.  Right now you should be saying “Ah ha!  Of course!  THAT’S why Democrats are so dedicated to government education!”  See how easy this is to figure out when a little logic is applied?
            Here’s how easy this is.  There’s an economic pie out there.  A big pizza.  Some people have a bigger slice of that pizza than others.  The people with the smaller slices want more pizza.  That’s understandable.  Who doesn’t want more pizza?  Here’s where it gets so hard for the dumb masses.  Just how do you get more pizza?  Well … you could take pizza away from the people with the bigger slices and give it to the people with the smaller slices.  That way you get rid of all this pizza slice inequality.  One of the problems there might be that those people with the bigger slices might not work as hard to be able to afford their pizza if they’re just going to have it taken away from them.  Maybe they should just sit on their butts and wait for someone to take pizza away from someone else to give to them!
            But consider this!  What would happen if you just baked a bigger pizza?  If you had a bigger pizza then everyone could get a bigger slice!  What’s more, you could get a bigger slice without asking the government to take pizza away from someone else!
            The pizza, of course, is our economy.  If you want the poor to have more money you can either seize and redistribute income, or you can build a bigger economy.   The fact is that Democrats just suck at building a bigger, more prosperous economy.  They sick at the local level – most (if not all) cities in bankruptcy are Democrat-run.  They suck at the state level – states with the strongest economic growth by and large do not have Democrat legislatures and governors.  And they suck at the federal level.  0bama has been a complete and unmitigated disaster when it comes to economic growth.  Even with the growth in our population there are fewer people in this country with jobs right now than there were when 0bama took office.  I guess that’s the price we pay when we elect an anti-capitalist to be our Dear Ruler.

            But … these facts are lost on the dumb masses, and the media is going to make sure they don’t learn all that much between now and the election.  Sure, there are some outlets – Fox News, for instance – and talk show hosts who might try to spread the painful truth, but the Democrats and their media myrmidons will simply brand them as racists and brush them aside.
            In the meantime the voters are going to continue to be savaged by 0bamacare.  They’re going to face increases in their health insurance premiums for the government’s “one size fits all” medical insurance policies, and then they’ll pay their $5000 (or more)deductibles.  The outrage is going to grow, but the media will work to calm things down by hammering the income inequality line. Yeah … the dumb masses voters will love this income inequality campaign.  They’ll sit back in their government-educated stupor and vote for the politicians who tell them that they’re going to take money away from those hated rich people and give it to them.
            The media will make it so.

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  1. Yep, we've 'seen' this before... and it didn't end well then for 98% of the folks...


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