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Monday, January 13, 2014

Scandals and the media....

I happen to catch this image on "scandals" surfing around and I would avail myself of it.

As many are aware, Chris Christie is having to deal with "Bridgegate" and the media is howling for blood.  The media is taking extra excitement with this one, I kinda wish they would have been as diligent with the various scandals that are implicated with the Obama Regime besides Bengazi where Obama couldn't be troubled from his sleep because he had a big fundraiser in Vegas that he had to be on top of his game for.  Now I  don't care for Chris Christie at all, I consider him a self serving politician who put his own aspirations of power above the nation.   Y'all remember the "Bromance" photo from Christie and Obama?
Romney was screwed over by Christie at the convention then by the bromance photo-op that made Obama look "presidential" right before the election and heavily swayed undecided voters to vote for Obama despite his poor showing the first 4 years of his presidency.  You notice that there are no conservatives supporting Chris Christie, they haven't forgotten the screwing Romney got.  They consider Chris Christie an egotistical bully who put his own aspirations before country.  Romney had the lukewarm support of the  conservatives at best due to his policies in the past, but we don't like people that screw over others even less.   We conservatives do have principles...unlike democrats that have party before all.

   Now I will touch on the media, Despite my hangups with Christie, he gave a press conference and was totally available to the media to ask their questions, and Christie fired people that were involved.  I never seen Obama do the same thing, he dodged the media and they let him, people died with Fast and Furious and Bengazi and a myriad of other scandals and the media just rolled over and went with it.....After all he is THEIR guy and they are totally supportive of him....He was never vetted, unlike in 2008 when Sarah Palin was hounded and pilloried, Obama got a walk.  There are large parts of Obama's life that is shrouded in secrecy and no reporter has bothered trying to penetrate the veil and fog of misdirection that the Obama regime is very skilled at.
The media made a big thing that Sarah Palin didn't have a whole lot of executive experience and somehow her time as a mayor then a governor didn't count as enough experience for VEEP but somehow Obama being a freshman senator and a community organizer was enough experience to be a leader of the free world...The hypocrisy is galling.
And during the 2012 elections, everybody remembers in the second debate that Candy Crowley sold her soul for her hero and endorsed a lie given by Obama despite the evidence to the contrary.  I am ticked at the establishment GOP for picking these liberal elitist as moderators even though past performance will show that they will log softballs at the democratic candidate and fire off heaters at the GOP candidates and the establishment GOP keep doing the same thing and then they wonder how they get killed on elections.    What is the definition of insanity?   Keep doing the same thing and keep hoping the results are different next time.
     People like Andrew Breitbart considered the old established media obsolete and ineffective.  when a large part of the population doesn't even bother tuning in to them to get their news because they use the internet that gives them news that hasn't been spun for political agenda and the old school newspapers keep wondering why their subscriptions are falling and quite a few of them have closed down because to be truthful.....We don't trust them.  Our founding fathers considered a unbiased and aggressive media to be one of the best defense of liberty so the populace can make an educated decision.   Sadly our media has fallen far short of expectations and we have several generations of low information voters that get their information from entertainment tonight and other sources that cater to the bread and circuses atmosphere and the worship of entertainers. 
   And on another note, we have Dianne Feinstein from California that wants to have the "Press credentials and protection given only to "established media and reporters."   She don't like bloggers because bloggers tend to see through the fog and BS spread by the establishment and actually report them.  Remember Fast and Furious was broken by a blogger, when the establishment dead tree media wouldn't even touch it because they believed in his agenda and were willing to let the president walk guns to Mexico so he could use the spike in violence to justify a major gun control agenda.  Then people wonder why the establishment media is dying off because nobody trust them to be objective instead of a party organ for the democratic party.


  1. Well said, and I for one am getting awfully tired of the MSM's pandering...

  2. It's kinda cool how you tie two or more stories together in one post. Unique style, and being unique is the key to success in the blogging game. I see you do pieces on music now and then. I would like to request something on AC/DC.

  3. Hey Neil;

    Thank you for the complment, I would make some comment that I plan it that way, but to be truthful, I think it is my ADD or something that bounces me around from subject to subject. I do music every Monday..or try to...Sometimes it happens on Tuesday, but i still call it Monday Music...I have been doing it over a year I think. I did AC/DC a little while ago, with "Thunderstruck". They are one of my favorite bands, and I will locate one for this Monday...I am thinking something from Maximum Overdrive....

    1. You can never do a story about AC/DC too often.