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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hitler video's involving Hillary Clinton..

I saw the first video on Irish's Website and I laughed my A$$ off...it is very good.  This one is a parody at the Clinton email debacle.   and the mainstream media to keep covering for her.  I then decided to see how many Hitler Video's out there that involve Hillary...and there are a few...hehehe

I then started searching "Youtube for Hitler and Hillary video's...and there are a few
This is one of the Hitler Parody about her email server...

   Hitler finding out that Hillary is running for President...

 Hitler discovers that Hillary sold Plutonium to the Russians
   Hitler interviews Hillary

Hitler finds out that Sanders is running against Hillary...

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  1. I've been watching and laughing to the Hitler parodies for years. This one, however, is in a class by itself.