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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Musings and rants....From islam to cecil and being Southern

I saw this on a sign near the airport while I am driving home on my motorcycle..
"Talk about catering to the low information Obama supporters..".
Lemme have fun with this one...Muhammad believed in "Peace"...sure he did.his followers are in pieces after blowing themselves and innocents up..To Muhammad Peace was total surrender, total acquiescence to islam.  You either converted or died....or you paid a "Jidza" tax.  and were treated as a second class citizen.   
        Muhammad believed in Social Justice.....Yep..the rule of the mob..or sharia law....the law that is based on religious beliefs rather than legal principles.   
     Muhammad believed in women's rights.....Sure he does...that is why they are treated as second class citizens....they are stuck in the back  of the bus,  the victims of "honor killings" and they have to wear an outfit called a "Burka".  Don't get me started on the female genitalia mutilation that goes on.   
     Needless to say I give this response every-time I ride by.

I should not be surprised to see this near the airport since Airplanes and Islam are intertwined...
For example this photo from 1970..
 This photo in 1988
and this one in 2001
Yep Islam and airplanes and airports are intertwined...


Now unless you have been living under a rock, you have seen the total outrage about some dentist capping Cecil the Lion...for example...
  people have gone total apeshit over the death of a Lion....Sure he was lured out of the reserve.....in Africa, currency matters...I am sure somebody got their palms greased.   But I really don't see the outrage...In many places of the world life is cheap but I guess quality matters....It don't matter that Planned Parenthood performed millions of abortions, I don't believe in it, but I ain't gonna stop anybody else...it is that "choice thingie" I believe in.  But they get billions in taxpayer money and they make more money selling the tissue..That is what I have an issue with.
  What does that say about our society that there is more outrage over a lion getting capped than the tissue sales of aborted kids....millions of kids are coat hangered and their bodies sold for profit after collecting billions in tax payer money and there is no real outrage..

..Have we become such a hedonistic society that people don't matter but one lion does....This says a lot for our value system as a nation.  The same people that have gone batshit crazy about the lion already view us as a ...
Agent Smith from the Matrix..."Humans are a disease..."

The average  low information voter liberal already has a self loathing for their own species...they believe that the planet would be better off if we as a species were eradicated and the earth would become some paradise for all the other animals.I will give an example....Dams built for the purposes of beavers is totally cool...but dams built for the purposes of Man are bad and need to be tied up in court and protested....in other areas of the world, the people see how the Americans are doing going crazy about some lion...and they have real issues from disease, starvation, terror groups, and many other things.....and we as a nation have lost our mind over a lion.......I don't see it...

   And finally a 2 minute video about people bashing the Southern accent that we southerners use along with the word "Ain't" and other southernisms

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  1. There are no words to describe why people choose which fight to fight for, but I am sick of all of them. Make some decisions and move on with it. This social media craziness is driving me nuts. Yeah. Like a second trip around.