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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Saturday activities

   A few things...Last week my son returned from NOAC, the National Order of the Arrow conference in Lansing Michigan.    
There were 14,000 scouts there, they had the conference at the University of Michigan.  The theme was " It Start With Us".  The theme promoted the belief that in order to make the world a better place..it starts with us...basically we have to start off the process.  It also coincided with the "100 days of service".    The theme also promoted the "ripple" effect.   Basically that all people can cause a ripple, by itself not much, but when combined with many others can cause a tsunami of change. 
     He had a good time and he gave me a gift:
The mug along with my other stuff in my "man cave".
 On Saturday Morning, I ran a BB range and a friend of mine ran the Archery range for a "Back to the Pack" event, it was a cub scout event to help the new leaders in the cub scout get trained and we basically helped keep the kids entertained while the parents did some training.   It is all good, a whole new batch of shooters, and I also exposed some new parents to the idea of shooting, they had more fun than the kids did!  While I was running the course, I always went over the "Always Rules" for firearm safety and then "what do you do when you find a real gun"?   I stress the "Don't touch...and find a grownup".  It was a good time.  I have broached the idea to council about my working the National Jamboree in 2 years as a shooting instructor.  National Jambo will be in West Virginia at "the Summit Bechel".  
     After finishing the morning events, I then drove down to camp, it was a bit of a drive, made worse after being outside sweating, getting into a cool air conditioning car....talk about getting sleepy.  But I digress.   About 6 weeks ago I had gotten an email from "Eric from Ammoman" wanting me to do an evaluation on some ammunition.  Well I was skeptical, so I shot an email to my favorite blog babe Momma Fargo whom I remembered doing something like this. and asked her if this is legit and not a scam.   She assured me that "Eric" is totally legit and a good guy and awesome customer service.  Well I responded to "Eric" and a week later I had some ammo show up..

I was like a kid in a candy store let me tell you....I quickly opened the box to see what treasures awaited me:)
 I was very happy, Some "Good" ammo....not the cheap crap I have been buying(More on the results when I do the write up next week.).  But I went  down to camp to do the shooting...it was a bit of a drive but it is totally quiet and peaceful.  I didn't want to go to the local range, don't get me wrong, it is a very good range but it is crowded and I didn't really want to be explaining what I am doing to a bunch of people, so I contacted Mac 6 weeks ago and asked him if I could use the range and he was very gracious and said "Yep".  While I was down there I met up with my good buddy Mac and finally met his girl Jackie, talk about a class act lemme tell you...and she shoots!

Here she is shooting Mac's 357 Revolver.

Mac had purchased a new AR platform rifle and he wanted to stretch its legs out.   Any opportunity to shoot is a good opportunity and we had a good time.  I did my evaluation on the ammo and will post this on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  Part of my evaluation, I switched out the uppers on my AR and went totally "Old School".  for the 55 grain stuff that Eric sent me and Mac shot an old school AR platform and was totally tickled pink
  For Georgia the heat wasn't bad  and Mac had made arrangements with a troop doing service work to add some ceiling fans to the range and it was real comfortable and relaxing.  Shooting with friends..it don't get much better.



  1. Most awesome on the son's return and accomplishments! Range day? Oooooo. Love it! Great post and yes, you are right about Ammoman.com.