The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Came back from Camping and other stuff

I have had a very busy few days,   On Thursday night, we attended my sons Band performance, in a rated competition.....They did very well, the only band to get all superior ratings....
Friday I came home from work, slept for a couple of hours, then got up and started working the yard, Used the truck to pull up some bushes, apparently it died...Well I could have dug it up or use my brain and the truck and get it out easier....
Peace of cake.   I then cut the yard, sprayed pesticides all over the place and did a bunch of other stuff, then I washed the protective yellow coatings off the vehicles....I thought both of my cars were "yellow".  I even washed the lawnmower...
  That made for a long day.  Saturday morning, I took the crumbsnatcher to another Arrow of Light ceremony, he had to do this one by himself.  

He had some technical difficulties...like having all the matches fall out of the box when he was trying to light the candles...but he continued on like a pro.  Despite the various technical problems, I was very proud of him, he handled the hiccups and kept going.
   he is making a name for himself doing this stuff for the packs in the district.

   Well We got completed with this and off to a campout we went.  Came back this morning and immediately went to church, then off to a Scout fundraiser.....I am tired.
     While I was waiting for something I saw where a bunch of protestors blocked the road to a Donald Trump rally, funny how the Brownshirts seem to get off on this stuff.  I made this comment and another person tried to correct me stating that "trump is Hitler."  I chuckled and replied " You don't know your history well, it was Hitler and the Brownshirts that shut down the rally's of his opponents..., Tell me how your cause is more pure to you then their cause was to them?"   I was called an "asshole" and this person stomped off.  Well I am surprised that they didn't invoke "Goodswin Law" on me.


  1. Those poor bushes. You are supposed to trim bushes, not kill them. Oy, oy. It's winter. It isn't dead. It's hibernating. :) :) :) I hope you mulched it up or used it for firewood. See...I was both liberal and conservative. Mulch=democrat Fire=republican. I'm a centrist. Someone shoot me now. Love your son's band pic. Beautiful and I bet that was enjoyable. And I agree...run the protesters over. But then again, there is that jail thingy. Sigh.

  2. Good on the boy! :-) and using the truck is a LOT easier!!!