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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Another class and a museum display

I have taken a class for a couple of days so I can save some time while I am healing up. 

There are a few differences from this plane and the A319/A320 series.  The motors are the same, we still will be using the CFM 56 series, the same that we use on the Boeing 737 aircraft.  There are software upgrades and a few other things.  I am enjoying the class, although being on dayshift is different, I keep expecting my skin to burst into flames.

   There also was a call for veterans at my employer to loan some items from Desert Storm, so I loaned them my uniform, LBE and a few other things for the Museum. 
It looked weird seeing my uniform on a mannequin.
Some of my other stuff.   Like I said, it looks strange seeing this stuff under glass.  I have had all this stuff in my bonus room and didn't really think much of it, but other people really think it is neat.
  My prayer rug.....I used this next to my cot, there is something about putting your feet on carpet....even in a desert.


  1. I got a chuckle about the uniform. Mine were impregnated with the oil well smoke. When I got back for equipment turn in they had me throw everything in the dumpster because it stank so bad. All I have is a night parka and a bonnie hat that I did not take with me for the trip across the pond.

  2. What a grand display, Mr. G! I am very proud to virtually know you! Thank you for your service.

  3. Very nice! Glad you're getting a little recognition!