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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Rant from a blog buddy

   I shamelessly borrowed this rant from a blogger buddy, his language is cruder than I would have used, but I do agree with the sentiment.   He voted for the Donald and I voted Cruz.  If Donald gets the GOP nod, I will support him.  Supporting the democrats is a non-starter for me.   The pics came from my stash.

The Donald almost ran the table. Cruz got Texas, which was expected and he also got Oklahoma.
Trump crushed it in Jawja. I voted for him. Sure. He’s a bloviating blowhard, a brash bully, and a demagogue, but, he is the only person who wants to save the country from the immigration that is gonna destroy our country if it isn’t stopped. He wants to save us from the invasion on our southern border. Are you tired of having to press one for English? Me too. Are you sick of bilingual education? Me too. What about kids not being able to wear patriotic shirts to school because it offends Hispanics? Screw the Hispanics. This is our country, not theirs. What about people who are offended by the American flag. If that offends them, they need to get the fuck out of our country.
He wants to stop Mooslime immigration which is nothing more than an advance colonization from Islamic countries. Islam is totally incompatible with America and our way of life. Mooslimes will not assimilate. They don’t want to. They want Sharia.

Immigration is the most important problem facing this country. What does Marco Gang of 8 Scamnesty Rubio want? Comprehensive immigration reform. That is code for open borders and amnesty for all of the illegals here. Anyone who is on the same side as Chuck the schmuck Schumer is not a Republican. Ted Cruz is not for a wall on the southern border either.
The GOPe claims that Trump is not a conservative. He’s more of one than GOPe senators like Bitch McConnell, Johnny Maverick McRINO and his mini-me little Lindsey Graham. They are more willing to fight the Tea Party than the Democrat Party. And look at the last two candidates that the GOPe has given us. Johnny Maveric McRINO who ran on the platform of “reaching across the aisle” and working with Democrats while stabbing Republicans and his running mate in the back. Then, they gave us Mittens Romneycare, the only Republican who couldn’t run against Obummercare. The geniuses who gave us McRINO and Mittens are now telling us that Trump can’t win. Yeah. Like we’re supposed to listen to those losers. They gave us two losers and ran two losing campaigns and we’re supposed to listen to them?
We have “conservative” pundits who claim that Trump is gonna destroy the Republican Party and the conservative movement. I’ve got news for them. It’s already happened. It happened during Bush 43′s presidency when Bush and the Republican Party spent like Democrats and ran up 4 trillion dollars in debt, which was a record until Democrats and Obungler showed them what pikers they were by running up 8 trillion dollars in debt. From 2000-2006 the Republicans grew gummint by giving us another cabinet department, the Department of Homeland Security and another entitlement program, Medicare part D. That was known as “compassionate conservatism”. So don’t blame Trump for destroying the Republican Party or conservatism. The establishment Republicans like Bitch McConnell, McRINO, and John Boner did that. Over the past seven years these assholes have promised to stop Obumbler if we would just vote for them. How did that work out? We gave them the House and the Senate and it’s been business as usual.
The Republican Party needs to be destroyed. We’re sick of being lied to. We’re sick of broken promises. We’re sick of being stabbed in the back. The grass roots are rising up and giving the finger to the GOPe. Had they kept their promises and done what we elected them to do, there would be no Donald Trump running for president. Can he beat Thunder Rodent Thighs. I think so. I do know that he’ll fight, sumpin’ McRINO and Mittens didn’t do when they ran. He won’t allow himself to be rolled in a debate like that fat tub of lard, Candy Crowley did to Mittens. He’s refreshing in not being politically correct. The only thing he really has to worry about is the GOPe sabotaging his campaign. They would rather see Cankles win than Trump and they call themselves Republicans?
The GOPe would rather commit slow suicide, which is what they’ll get by supporting the PIAP* and open borders, than supporting Trump. Fuck them! Fuck them all!
*Pig in a pantsuit


  1. Say no to Cankles! Snork snork. That cracked me up. Yep. Republican party is a mess and no one seems interested in getting us out of the Civil War. I posted much the same today. Bravo post, Mr. G!

  2. Say no to Cankles! Snork snork. That cracked me up. Yep. Republican party is a mess and no one seems interested in getting us out of the Civil War. I posted much the same today. Bravo post, Mr. G!

  3. Good points, and the reason they are s**ting little green apples is Trump is NOT beholding to them in any way!


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