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Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday Music "Sky High" by Jigsaw

  I decided to roll with this song for Monday Music.  I got this one out early, I am off this week, except for Wednesday.  I am getting my other hand done for Carpel Tunnel release.  It is my right hand, so it will be interesting to get the posting done since I do use my right hand more.  Oh well, I will muddle through.
      I added another blog to my blogroll, "Common Cents".  Head over there and give it a look.

  I remember this song making the airtime while I was in Germany, the local AFN in Frankfurt would play this song a lot.  to me it is an easy listening song, it is bubblegum or it was part of the disco craze that was starting to hit.

"Sky High" is the name of a 1975 single by British pop music group Jigsaw. The song, the main title theme to the film entitled The Man from Hong Kong, was a world-wide hit in the latter part of 1975, reaching number three on the Billboard Hot 100 and number two on the Adult Contemporary chart in the United States. A group composition, it was arranged by Richard Hewson. It was also a Top 10 single in the UK Singles Chart. The 1975 Australian single was released under the name "British Jigsaw" because there was an established and popular local band called "Jigsaw".

Two years later the song gained more striking commercial success in Japan, peaking at number two on the Oricon singles chart and selling approximately 570,000 copies. ZYX Records released an extended 12" version in 1987. A remixed version of the original Jigsaw cut by PWL remixer Pete Hammond was a minor dance hit in the US in the spring of 1989. In a nod to the original 7" single release, "Brand New Love Affair" was also remixed and put on the B-side.

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  1. I 'sorta' remember that one. I was deployed most of that year, and might have heard it on AFRTS.