The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pithy thoughts.....

Before I get started, I spent time yesterday helping my son sell "Camp Cards" for Boy Scouts, then we headed home, I helped him set up a project for the Order of the Arrow that he is working on then I went for a ride,
I actually worked the gears, and rode all in the back roads in my area, I even took my son for a ride, all over the area.  it was a good day for a ride, It was enjoyable.
    Now on a few pithy comments,  a little over a week ago, we had the socialist candidate for president in Mexico show up in Los Angeles and proceed to dis the United States and Trump, now what the hell kind of crap was that?  If you are an American you should be pissed, this is the epitome of "bad manners", a guest shows up in your house then proceeds to denigrate your house...and more people ain't pissed?  What the hell...??
    On a different note, the Mainstream Media is finding out that there are consequences of pushing a narrative and opinions disguised as facts..
Apparently the MSM are screaming like stuck pigs, I guess that being totally in the tank for your opponent and being little more than mouthpieces for the DNC has a price.  CNN or the "Clinton News Network" has been exceedingly noisy talking about the "Free Press" and the dangers of muzzling the press.....
 I guess that being blinded on the worship of President Obama where the Press printed and supported President Obama and even would go after his detractors kinda makes it rough on the integrity issues..

And speaking about President Obama, He set some kind of record, he waited 10 whole days before he criticized President Trump...wow 10 whole days and I have been hearing that Obama is running behind the scene as the "Organizer in Chief" for all these groups that are opposing President Trump.  Traditionally the Prior President doesn't criticize his successor, but President Obama couldn't do that.  Obama only showed his spine with the GOP, he was a Milquetoast to the rest of the world.  And speaking about rising from the dead, there is a new video of Hillary encouraging the protest and riots on Trump, I don't think she has thought it through....She can still get locked up for her past crimes,Traditionally the victor doesn't go after his/her opponent but the democrats have already shredded traditions so this might be a tit for tat,  I am pretty sure that the FBI and the DOJ are starting to move in on the Clinton Foundation and the other things, but I don't expect action any time soon until Atty General Sessions start purging the political elements out of the DOJ.
   And finally the DNC met here in Atlanta to select the next head of the DNC, They had 2 front runners, a Keith Ellison, a Hardcore muslim from Minnesota and Thomas Perez the Obama department of Labor secretary.  Apparently they spent the time hurling vituperation at Trump and planning on their comeback in 2018.   I suppose that they haven't learned the lessons of 2016.  President Obama has been successful on holding the reins of the Democrat Party,

It doesn't matter that the democrats have been bleeding on every election and losing offices on the state level since 2008.  President Obama is successful on controlling the democratic party.  They will continue to pursue the race and gender identity politics that cost them in 2016.  Bill Clinton had the right idea in 1992" it is the economy stupid" but the democrats of today have forgotten the middle class, those were the ones that pulled the lever for Trump in 2016.

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