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Friday, February 3, 2017

My Weekend

I have ben trying to post this for 4 days and things keep getting in the way from the Plumber to ..

    You guessed it..

I had a busy weekend, I was coming off of being sick so I wasn't 100%, but I dealt with it.  My son's Order of the Arrow lodge hosted an event called "Klondike", it is a council wide event and my son was "Mr. Klondike" he was the chairman and basically ran the event.
I was real proud of him, he and his staff did a good job hosting about 700 people.  I was there to run the BB range, I ran it on the basis of "marksmanship" and the scouts got 5 shots with MY bb guns, including a "Scoutmaster" shootoff and my good friend "Brother Jim" won.
I made a couple of awards, one for the scout and one for the scoutmaster.  I had the scoutmasters and scouts put their name and troop on a target, and they shot it out. 

 After Making this flag, I had this urge to yell "Urra Rodina", as I charged the Reichtag in search of the Fascisti invaders, lol
This was the award I made for them.
They got the award Saturday Night at the Campfire

Klondike was a good event and there was a lot of scouts practicing their scout skills and having a good time.

It was strange not having my friend "Mac" there, he was missed though...

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