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Sunday, February 19, 2017

doings at casa de Garabaldi

My apologies for not posting after Tuesday.  I would have these ideas to post on on the way to work but by the time I got home I was so tired my creativity was zilch, zero, nada, goose egg and variations of the theme.  I and other bloggers  occasionally do suffer from "writers block" and have to wait for the creative energy to manifest again.  Last week it was
This week it was not so much of it but it was still there. but by the time I got home, my ideas have vanished like the integrity of the average democrat politician.
    On a different note, I changed vehicles...in a manner of speaking...
 I was riding this for the past 3 years...and racked up 30,000 miles on the bike. I was the second owner and she had 56000 miles on the clock.
she is a Bergman 650 a big scooter.  I used to mock them until I owned one.  They are very forgiving of newbie rider foibles.and I learned how to ride a motorcycle on it.  I went through tropical downpours, and many traffic condition with her.  and overall she was trouble free.  I have no complaints.   But Friday morning I took the scooter in to get new tires on her and rode home with this...
2013 Yamaha VStar 1300 Deluxe with 2200 miles on the odometer,  I got a far better trade on the scooter than I was expecting and I used part of my bonus to pay for it outright so the best part was that there is no note.   I will be spending the next few days learning how to shift gears again lol.  The scooter was all automatic so I have to learn how to use a clutch...all over again.  When I was taking the Motorcycle safety course I learned how to ride on a Honda 125 T(Training) and got good at shifting. but the skill atrophied so I have to recover it.  I look forward to it though :)

     We will be going out of town for a week and I will load the que with video clips and other stuff that don't relate to politics especially because the political scene will be different from day to day.


  1. Seems that most people with the Bergman love them.
    Most important thing is that you are riding

  2. Looks like a nice 'upgrade'... :-)

  3. I have an early '90s Honda Helix stashed under my deck. Kinda rough shape, it was rescued from an old shed on family property being sold. We never did turn up a title for it. I wonder what it's worth as a parts bike.

  4. I have had a Burgman 650 for the last three years and love it. The storage is great and it has been rock solid. I have put about 50,000km on in in that time and ridden it in rain, wind, hail, and some unexpected snow, or expected snow since I live in Alberta, Canada. Enjoy the new ride.


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