The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What is up with the Virtue signalling from the left?

It has been 3 weeks since Da Trump was sworn in, it has been a little over 90 days since Donald Trump beat the odds and ruined the coronation of the smartest women in the world.  The left has lost their mind.  When President Obama won the 2nd term, I was disappointed but life goes on.  Now it has been a new election cycle and the PIAP* was defeated, We should have come together as Americans, but the left will not let it go.  They are protesting and pushing boycotts of businesses that they believe supported Trump.  They are calling us "Nazi's" and using this as an excuse to dehumanize us and they believe that once they have demonized someone and called them "Nazi", then they can hurt us, damage our property and in their mind it is"OK" because we are "Nazi's" and we deserve everything we get.
   *Pig in a Pantsuit

They said that if Trump won, that groups of people would be identified and persecuted. And again, they were right. There is now a movement to identify anyone who supported the current president as an an extremist, which is kind of hard to do when he won the Electoral College by 70 votes, which means his support is hardly extreme and maybe, you know, mainstream.
That is, liberals believe that most of America is out-of-step with America.
Only the enlightened folks in the blue bubbly blotches are normal, and not extremist at all. They just happen to control Hollywood, the mainstream media, and Big Education.  I have had to unfollow people on facebook because the vitriol is so bad.  I have tried to debate people to explain what is going on and they flat out don't want to listen.  I have been called "bigoted", and "Nazi" among other things.

Soon, this  outcasting spread beyond the man, to his supporters. See, you couldn’t possibly support Donald Trump because you were tired of the direction leftists like Obama took the country while excluding everyone outside his base (and Hillary promised to continue doing). No. The only possible reason to vote Republican in 2016 was because you hated minorities and women and foreigners, said the party of nuance with its sledgehammer of hate.
Thus, a justification was born for condemning everyone you disagreed with. Someone voted for Trump? Nazi. Someone voted against Hillary? Nazi. Someone doesn’t agree with same-sex marriage? 2008 Barack Obama. Oh, and Nazi. don't believe in "Global Warming", Heretic and Nazi.
Behold all the tolerance!
Yes, the party of tolerance and enlightenment has became “everyone that’s like me is smart and good-looking and smells like awesome, and everyone that doesn’t think like me is Adolph Hitler.”

Democrats wished for their general election opponent to be Trump. They then ran, in an outsider year, an out-of-touch unlikable DC insider with an FBI probe. Then, the most qualified candidate ever lost an election to a boorish political amateur with the worst negative approval ratings ever. Panicked in shock, Democrats scrambled to place the blame squarely where it belonged: on everywhere else but the candidate. First, they blamed the Electoral College, because it’s always rigged and unfair, except when it produces a result they approve of like in 2008. Then, they blamed Russian hackers, because Putin’s ground game in Madison knew Hillary was weak in Wisconsin, and he could brilliantly mastermind her winning the popular vote but losing the electoral one.
But eventually, blamethrowing gave way to violent tantrums. Because, as someone put it, they forgot to inform us that liberal ‘love trumping hate’ involved so much arson and broken glass. The leftists smashed their own towns, and then started tolerantly having free speech arson festivals at their own universities to stop free speech.

But the Party of Progress isn’t satisfied with property damage and destruction of cop-cars and coffee kiosks. The tolerance extended to the next phase: hypothetical with the enlightened New York Times asking if violence against some people is justified. It’s ok, you see, because these people are Nazis. What makes a person a Nazi deserving of violence? Almost everything.
They say the reason for fear is all the violence at Trump rallies, which happened only because Democrats intentionally caused confrontations to get ugly headlines.
  1. Plan protest at rally.
  2. Break stuff, start fires, and cause mayhem.
  3. Headline: “Rally Turns Ugly with Violence!”
  4. Blame rally.
This tactic has been used before.    All you have to do is look at the real "Nazi's" the "National Socialist Deutche Arbeit Party, you know the people that wore brown shirts and later black shirts as they went and shut down opposing political party rally's.  Now the new party of "tolerance" has shown its face, you know the ones that wear black and hide their face and destroy stuff, and the sad thing is that the local popo's let them do it.  All it does is embolden them to continue.
    You also have a college in Florida that is teaching college students to attack those that don't agree with them, they call it "Bash the Fasch", as in fascism.  It saying that violence against groups of people are "ok" because they are "Nazi"s and bad things to Nazi's is allowed and if you don't agree with them, then you are the nazi and it is ok to attack you because you deserve it.

      The polarization of America continues, there are basically 2 America's now the blue states and the red states.  The Red states are getting angrier and angrier about the continual rage and temper tantrums that the blue states are doing, the continuous rioting, protesting and pushing boycotts.  You having Nordstrom and other retailers dumping Ivanka Trump merchandise due to pressure from the protestors and other noisy democrats that have been pushing #boycott.  When President Obama won an election in 2012 that by all rights he should have lost but thanks to the media like Candy Crowley, academia and other blue groups that openly supported President Obama they were able to secure his victory.  The people in the Red states were not happy but we didn't erupt in temper tantrums, burn vehicles and trash businesses and attack people like the left is doing.  it seems like the left is going out of their way to provoke a reaction and they don't care because in their mind we "deplorables" are evil and deserve everything that we get including death if necessary because we stand in the way of this shining city on top of the hill that could be there if we "evil" people are no longer relevant or gone or have repented for the many sins we have committed.

I am a student of history and I remembered the last time a group of people demonized their citizens, eventually stripped them of their rights and persecuted them and killed many of them.

Unlike the other incident, there is a second Amendment here in the United States and the revolution that the Left is pushing for might happen and it may not go the way they want.

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