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Thursday, January 3, 2019

More Casa De Garabaldi and range time..

I took my son to the range to shoot the new rifle I bought a few days ago.  We didn't have a lot of time because he had a date with the church group going to Florida.  We had basically 25 minutes to shoot before we had to leave.  I knew that wasn't a lot of time, but a little range time is better than no range time.  Well we got there and set up the ammo and I had brought one of my revolvers to shoot also.

 I had brought my revolver but I would up not shooting it due to time time crunch.  I pulled out the rifle and laid it on the bench and it took a bit of work to release the retaining rod.  Remember that part of the story....

 I loaded it with a mixture of .38 SPL and .357 magnum.  The rifle is loaded through a tubular magazine
I had a hell of a time getting the retaining rod to rotate the notch to lock it in place.  But I was able to do that.  It took some work but I got the rod locked in place.  The rifle was really easy to shoot, but I had initial problems with the action and some of the .38 rounds didn't eject properly...That is something that is known about the rifle.  The rifle shot the .357 no problem.
   I was able to get the rod out to reload the rifle but I couldn't get the rod to rotate to lock the rod in place.  I attribute this to the rifle being "new".  I wound up going to the guy behind the counter and asking for a set of pliers to help out.
The pliers did the trick, I then loaded the rifle for my son to shoot..
He enjoyed shooting the rifle, he did better with the action that I did, LOL   He made some comment about my age.
I sucked....I know this is breathing but I should have slowed down and focused more on the fundamentals.  I felt rushed because of the outside time factors we were under.   I will take the rifle again to the range and this time I will bring my own set of pliers and hopefully it will get easier as the rifle breaks in.

 A sign I saw as we were leaving the range.  This is a subtle dig at the range
that closed down near me that was high speed and low drag, but was broken into several times and guns stolen. The belief in the area that it was an inside job and the employees were in on it.  I had commented that if I had scored the lottery, I would have bought the location and the foreclosed range and had totally new people run it,none of the dipshits that were there before.  I wouldn't know which one was in on heists,  maybe even poach my buddy Mack and pay him enough money to make the drive worthwhile for him and have him run the place and offer courses, training and a fun place to shoot.   Doesn't hurt to dream, LOL
"5 worst kinds of gun shop employees"
Hire people not like this....

    After dropping my son off with the Church group, I then went home to get started on a project that was percolating in my mind....yeah...scary...
..This is a closet in my kitchen that has become a junk collector....
Just the trash out of the closet, not including the stuff that went to goodwill.
  I cleaned up the closet, and repainted it then hung in a new shelf system.  The goal is to neatify stuff and clear off some counter space.
  The project is finished and have started clearing off counter-space.

     And finally on a political note....The democrats have assumed control of the house of representatives....and guess what started already....
 They have already filed.......sheesh


  1. Hey, Mr. G, so glad you got some range time with your son. Kovw the video in gun store employees. I have run into a few of those myself. Happy New Year!

    1. Hey Momma Fargo;

      Very happy new year to you and Bug. Range time is good, will try to go again on Wednesday and hope to do better.

  2. I'd have a gunsmith check that tube. It shouldn't be that hard to seat. Something isn't right. And nice job on the closet!

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      I will mess with it, perhaps some lube, then if that don't work I will have to look at a gunsmith look at it. And I am happy with the closet, it is a small thing but it did turn out well.