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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Goings on at Casa De Garabaldi

I have been very busy the past few days, I had already preloaded "Monday Music", that is why it posted as scheduled.
    Last week I went to my Boy Scout Camp to set up the range layout for the coming up Klondike shoot that I was running for the Boy Scouts. 

I did this on Thursday, This took me several hours, then I returned home and continued doing stuff around the house and other errands.
   On Friday it was my Dads 75th Birthday, and that is kinda a big deal
My brother had come up from Florida and surprised him and he was glad to see both of his sons at the same time and he was very happy
   I then went to the camp to run the BB's shoot, what I do is tell the scouts is "5 rounds only, standing, not sitting, proning, kneeling, bracing the bb rifle on a fellow scouts shoulder and so forth. This is a contest of skill and paying attention to the fundamentals". 

This was the patch we got for attending.

I then went to work and we had some stuff going on.  I saw this at my employer location.
The plane is a flyworthy B-17, she has the primer gray paint on her.  The final coat will be put on her in February.  I will post details.
     I also saw this after the Patriots plane dropped off the team for the super bowl.
Personally I am kinda pulling for the Rams.

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