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Friday, January 11, 2019

musings...and thoughts....and musings...oh my

I have been very busy and I think of all these great post that I want to do while I am doing other stuff like working, sleeping, driving,and other items of living in real life and the eloquence of what I will write, so I am excited so when I get in front of the laptop, my muse deserts me like the morals of a democratic politician...and I look at a blank screen going "well....crap...".

      I have noticed that the government shutdown has entered the 3rd week, we are eating unsafe food, breathing unsafe air and drinking polluted water since our betters are not checking up on how things are going because they are at home not getting paid....well according to the media anyway...
    A couple of days ago, the President gave a speech on his case for the wall, and the media outlets almost didn't want it broadcasted,
 I noticed a few things, first off..the speech was short and to the point, it wasn't full of "I" and "Me" like the previous inhabitant of the White House who was verbose or as my friend Shelldude would say "Dude uses a bunch of $5.00 words".  But they allowed Chuck"Nothing get in the way of the Camera" Schumer and Petrified Pelosi to do a rebuttal of the Presidents statement..

To my knowledge this has never been done before, excluding "State of the Union" Speeches.  This shows the amount of animus that the media has for President Trump. They view themselves as the gatekeeper of knowledge and any information that goes against the "GroupHiveThink" or the latest  stuff whatever the ministry of Truth decrees as "Truth" to be disseminated to the "Dirt People"

      Schumer and Pelosi challenged the president in a sleight-of-hand deal to re-open the part of government that is closed and then continue the debate about a wall. That reminds me of the "deal" offered to President George H.W. Bush by then-Speaker Jim Wright (D-Texas). Wright said Congress would cut spending if Bush would OK a tax increase. Bush was blamed for the tax hike, never got the spending cuts and lost his re-election bid as Bill Clinton and the Democrats reminded everyone in 1992 and the term "Read my lips, No new taxes" by President Bush and the resulting political suicide because the President tried to compromise with the democrats.  The Flipside is that 2 years later, the GOP running on the genius of Newt Gingrich took the house for the first time in 40 years because of the miscues and overreach of the Democrats with "Hillarycare" and the "Assault Weapons ban 94".  The Democrats got creamed in the 1994 elections.   This is interesting, If President Trump caves, he is through for 2020, he will be a 1 term president like the first President Bush. President Trump will have challengers in his own party, even Romney would make a go at him.

    The Democrats are feeling exuberant, they think they have the hated "Cheeto man" on the ropes.  The entire agenda for the democrats can be summed up in Impeachment, illegal to legal immigrant, and they will lock up another monolithic voting block like the blacks and guaranteeing a voting majority and power to rule, no borders, medicare control for all, green energy, Tax"in the name of fairness" increases and of course gun control.

   And speaking of "Gun Control"   Dianne "Ban all guns except the ones used by her personal security detail and the government" Feinstein of course...the dirt people...well their purpose is to pay the taxes, get sheared and occasionally killed for mutton to support the cloud people as an example to the others that might step out of line.

  The purpose is to replace us with a malleable voting population that will do what they are told.  People from the central and south American countries are used to totalitarian governments and their criminals prey on the dirt people and the resulting cries for "help" against the criminal elements that are terrorizing them is used as an excuse to strip more of the "rights" in return for "security" and people that depend on the government for security will do what is "suggested" to keep the security and this will guarantee permanent power to the state and the democrats.
     This is the part of the dekulakization that I mentioned in a few earlier POST.  If they can replace us and they can decimate the middle class at the same time.  The middle class is the checks and balance on the totalitarianism of those that would wish themselves "King".  Like the Magna Carta, this curtails tyranny because the middle class has the knowledge, money and guns to defend themselves if it came from push to shove.  The poor people will do what they are told because they need the EBT and other subsidies to live and they will mortgage their souls to do so because they depend on .gov and those that depend on .gov WILL do what they are told.

      And reading more of the Gun control bill, this basically is going after all firearms that have use a magazine, have a fore grip, that is where you hold the front of the rifle and other features.  This is most of the camel to coin a phrase. Even my lever action rifle falls under this ban, the fore-grip part.  All rifles use a fore-grip and this will basically ban all rifles.  Pistols will be next.  Once we are disarmed, we are at the total mercy of the big government democrats, and have no say in the process of governance.  
   I am bouncing all over the place on this posting, and this posting kinda reflects that...

   On a slightly different note, the Schumer, Pelosi rebuttal has been Meme gold....I will add a couple of ones that I picked up...

There are many more on the internet...

     On a different note, The new highspeed range near my house reopened, but I saw a sign on the door that said "Law Enforcement/Retired Military only".This concerns me because we regular people would like a nice place to shoot.  Having a range that caters to "LawEnforcement/Retired Military only" screams of elitism and a good way to guarantee another range closure.....again.
      I will go talk to them and see if this policy is ironclad and if it ain't, I will take the Garand and the Henry to the range and really try to shoot them.

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  1. The Dems are all in on refusal... They don't care WHO they hurt. And don't want to admit they actually voted for walls before, including both Pelosi AND Chuckie...