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Monday, April 23, 2012

Obama doggie recipe's

I saw this on GOC

    I saw how the democraps tried to ridicule Romney about putting his dog  in a carrier on the roof of his car back in '81 and people finally are vetting Obungler and saw the comment about chowing down on Rover and it exploded all over the blogosphere.....hehehe that is how you handle the democraps...ridicule and humor.

Obama Favorite Dog Recipes
Chicken Poodle Soup
Chou Chou Mien
Pup Tarts
Hambeagle Helper
Beef Terrier-aki
Lox and Beagle
Pugs in a Blanket
Eggs Rover Easy
Rin Tin Tin Din Din
In honor of Obama, people are now referring to Romney's dog on a roof incident as "Meals on Wheels".

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