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Saturday, April 7, 2012

What are you going to do...?

I got this from JPFO.

        The author makes a valid point.   I have a feeling that this summer will burn kinda like 1968 did.  With the divisive election with Obungler, the Trayvon Martin shooting, the retaliations by the blacks against the whites, those incidents are being buried by the media because it doesn't support their agenda.  This summer will be a powderkeg and I have a feeling that those that are prepared will do alright, and those that are not will be the ones hurt or worse when the cities erupt.   I am not trying to sound like an alarmist but the signs are there from the past 3 years of divisive politics, the OWS idiots and this summer will be warmer than normal.  This will be a recipe for an explosion of anger.  It will take either a verdict of "not guilty" and the urban segment will explode.  Or if Obungler loses, the cities will explode.   It will be a trying time for us as a nation.

by Kirby Ferris

© Copyright Jews For The Preservation of
Firearms Ownership (www.JPFO.org) 2012

Moral conscience is in dwindling supply in this nation. Our bankers are thieves, stealing TRILLIONS because they are allowed to do so. Nearly all of our politicians are venal, lying parasites who a century and a half ago would have all had their heads lopped off by rage-fueled mobs.
A growing proportion of our citizenry behave like hyenas, jackals and vultures at the slightest opportunity. Our nation has been invaded by twenty million illegal aliens.
Only a fool can’t see that we are headed for a potential showdown.
To those who will listen, it’s time to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself: “What am I going to do as this societal and fiscal decay continues to its logical end?”
You need to evaluate what you can independently do for yourself, quietly on your own, in the coming weeks and months? And I mean for just yourself, not your mate, family, friends, or neighbors. You’ll be of no help to any of them unless you’ve got your own base well covered first.
The most fundamental expansion of your personal power is to acquire the tools, and achieve the skill to have the means and wherewithal to defend against one, several, or even a dozen other human beings. The legally safe term is “self defense”, but when the code red light starts flashing, and your options are coming at you with overwhelming intensity, you will shift into the bone chilling animal presence of your primitive ancestors. But you MUST have the tools and a modicum of skill.
Most of The United States is unique in its stubborn persistence in actually preserving, and even expanding, the individual’s unalienable right to meaningful and justifiable self defense. The Second Amendment does not mean your right to squirt someone with pepper spray. It preserves your right to, under certain life-threatening circumstances, apply emphatic lethal force.
But let’s step away from political theory and extrapolate the situation to everyday life. That stranger you confront in the parking lot late at night.
The group of “youths” you run up against if you stroll a block too far into the “bad” side of town. The guy on the park bench watching you jog past.
The weird driver tailgating you on a desolate stretch of road. The knock on your door and someone you do not recognize standing outside waiting to confront you for one reason or another.I’m asking you to either prove or disprove your sanity here: Would you rather deal with these mundane issues armed, or would you rather simply take your chances? This isn’t “Leave it to Beaver” America anymore, friends.
This is now an America that has lost its way, a nation drifting in “situational morality” and where theft is called “redistribution of wealth”. Pre teens beat innocent people to death, and laugh and giggle as though it were a day at the playground.
Are you going allow yourself to remain defenseless? Are you going to be left staring at your cell phone (if you have time) as your 911 call is ignored because of massive overload?
Are you going to be a survivor, a potential protector of the innocent? Or are you going to be a Darwin Award Candidate, too stupid to even provide for your own survival?
Let’s cut to the chase. In my opinion Barrack Hussein Obama is going to be re-elected. This nation has become addicted to socialism. It will be Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton sashaying into the White House when the smoke has settled.
YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME to wait to see this actually happen to buy a gun or seriously stock up on ammunition. You have to act immediately. You must behave as though you have only a week from the time your read this to get your act together.
The rush is on for handguns. As I write this, Ruger and Smith & Wesson have BOTH suspended taking new orders because of an unprecedented six month backlog. Expect other quality handguns to be fetching record prices. It’s just supply and demand.
So let’s turn to the lowly shotgun in the “if you could own only one gun” debate. NOTE: This evaluation leans heavily on keeping within a tight budget.
A reliable pump shotgun is the gun to own if you could own only one gun. This is for home defense or for tossing in the back of your car in the event of social turmoil. Eight rounds of 00 buckshot skipped across the pavement and into the shins of a mob can be a very significant behavior modification device.
In my town the price of a Mossberg 500 pump (holding up to eight rounds) is less than $300. A box of five 00 buckshot is $4.50 (see photo) and a 25 round box of standard shot is $4.99. Do the math. Compare the cost to a handgun of significant caliber or a rifle of significant caliber along with ammo.
For less than $400 you can be seriously prepared with a shotgun. Practice with the bird shot and only try out the buckshot to get a feel for any difference in recoil. What’s also important is the reliability of a “thrift” shotgun.
The somber fact is that handguns are generally more difficult to hit something with than a shotgun. The “stopping power” of a 12 gauge round loaded with 00 buckshot is ruthless, and therefore preferable. As mentioned above, a street mob scenario presents no contest. A shotgun is just downright scarier to assailants.
Time for theorizing is over. Act now. Do what you can, for yourself, immediately

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