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Thursday, April 26, 2012

We are screwed

I took a test to see how well informed I am versus the regular American public,
    The link is http://pewresearch.org/politicalquiz/

     I got this off Wirecutter's blog

    Like he said, we are in deep trouble I consider myself to be fairly average in overall knowledge, and I did better than 92% of the American public....the state of ignorance is truly frightening, that is what you get when you let the fed's educate the kids.  I think that the bottom 50% probably vote democrat since political knowledge and information isn't their interest, whereas TMZ and what the latest going on in Hollywood with the celebrity worship we have going on here seems to be their interest.   These people have the same vote like we do, I almost wish we could give people IQ test before giving them power of the ballot box.

You got 13 questions correct, along with 92% of the public.
The quiz was made up of 13 questions excerpted from the larger Knowledge Survey. Your responses do not affect the survey results.
Find out how your score compares with other Americans who took the test in our national telephone survey:

Overall Score

How you did, question by question

Demographic breakdowns by question

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