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Monday, April 1, 2013

Survival tips from the walking dead...

I watch the show "Walking Dead" on AMC.  I am not a big zombie fan but the show is filmed where I live so it is neat seeing stuff that you recognize but set up in a post apocalyptic scenario.  I saw the link from survival Life and thought it was interesting.

I’m sure most of you enjoy watching TV as a way of relaxing and taking your mind of the days concerns. I for one enjoy watching shows that not only entertain but that you can actually learn something useful from and not just some soap opera, Hollywood gossip, or reality TV show.
The Walking Dead, the break out TV show on the AMC channel that just wrapped up its 3rd season. In case you are living under a rock the show depicts the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.
Now we can probably all agree that this is based entirely on fantasy but if you look closer this is an excellent study on what would happen if there were a major breakdown in society for any reason.  And while, odds are, there will not be a threat of  a viral induced plague of  flesh munching zombies wandering through your neighborhood, this show has actually given me some great survival tips that will work in any crisis.
I’ve thought it over and broken it down into 7 critical tips.
Take a look below and let me know what you think.
7 Survival Tips that I learned from The Walking Dead:
#7 – Be part of a group –While more people may mean that you need more supplies and resources it also means you got the collective skills of the group to increase you chances at survival.  In the Walking Dead it didn’t hurt that there were a couple of law enforcement guys in the group to help with weapon training and fighting.
#6 – Find place to stay – Shelter is a must in any survival situation.  Early in the series the group were living in tents and an RV.  However later on a farmhouse and prison provided a much-needed respite from not only zombies but the elements as well.
#5 – Have a source of food and water – At the beginning of the series our group of heroes were located in a park that had a reservoir nearby to provide them with all the water they could possibly need.  Later a form would be an excellent source of food.  There was a well on the farm also but in case you haven’t seen the series let’s just say the zombie apocalypse has its on set of unique problems that need to be taken care of…YUCK!
#4 – Tools/Weapons – This is another easy one… You need to be able to not only protect yourself and loved ones but have the tools to build whatever is needed to get by is a must.
#3 – Be aware of your surroundings – There is much to be said about straight up just paying attention to what is going around you.  After the first few surprise zombie attacks they learn that being constantly vigilant can mean the difference between life and ending up zombie cow.
#2 – Be resourceful with what you have. – The heroes on the show become experts at scavenging. Making the most of anything that they come across that could help them survive.
#1 – Keep your head straight.  – This is actually a big one.  Survival experts all agree that if you can’t keep your head straight when the SHTF could cost you and your group their lives.  In the series the leader of the group becomes delusional and really puts the entire group in danger.  There are also several other times throughout the series where the mental health of various members of the group that end badly.
While TV shows are designed mainly to entertain keep in mind that it doesn’t mean you can’t learn a thing or two for them.  While the chances of a zombie apocalypse are not likely there is always the possibility that there will be some sort of disaster whether large or small in which you can apply your survival skills to.  Where and how you learn them is not as important as the fact that you learn them


  1. The last one most people fail at. I love the show, too!

  2. Excellent points, especially keeping your head about you... When others are losing theirs, you 'may' be the only one left who is thinking...