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Friday, April 19, 2013

We have won...?

My Apologies for not posting anything for several days.   I have been very busy and finding time to post was difficult...unless I want to cut myself of sleep for a couple of hours.

    I saw the campaigner in chief President Obama meltdown where he berated the senate for not going along with the gun grab...you know when the rat bastards communist assholes danced on the bodies of the innocents to push a major wet dream of the liberal elitist...the belief that they the betters know what is best for the great unwashed...but we the citizens or the "hoi palloi" as they refer to us when they are amongst themselves and talk disparaging about the clingers to guns or the bible.  that we are unworthy of them and by their benevolent grace that they are here to lead us to the socialist promised land if we would just do what they want us to.

The latest dancing on the bodies of the innocents happened after the shooting of Sandy Hook where a person killed his mom, took her guns and used them to shoot 26 people in an elementary school.  The rat bastards liberals democrats who believe in the mantra " never let a crisis go to waste" immediately jumped on the gun control bandwagon to push an agenda that floundered the first time because of the "fast and Furious" gun runners into Mexico where the government let guns walk to Mexico to bolster the spurious claim that most of the weapons used in the drug wars come from the United States to support an assault on the 2nd amendment.  The funny thing is that the laws being proposed would not have prevented the shooting because the slime that did the shooting got his weapons illegally.  This would have affected the law abiding gun owners, since we obey the law, criminals by definition disobey the law...that is why they are called "Criminals."

     The rat bastard commie's democrats overreached on this proposal.  They were primed had the talking points ready for a sympathetic media and the talking heads and ready for a tragedy to hit so they were hoping to overwhelm the opposition before we had a chance to mount a defense.  They were mostly unsuccessful, several states did screw over their citizens, notably New York, and Colorado.  We have had several gun companies pull out of there for greener pastures in other states due to the political climate in those "blue" states.  I swear that Obama and crew is hoping to force a fight with the gun owners to further an agenda that Saul Alensky had stated to fundamentally change the United States you would have to kill 10% of the population and a bunch of gun owners would fit the bill nicely.
Now President Obama in support of his latest agenda trotted out a bunch of people like meat shields for example Congresswomen Gifford whose husband tried to purchase an AR-15 like what they tried to ban others from buying. who was shot by a demented Democratic supporter that is conveniently glossed over by the media that is overwhelmingly democrats.  He also flew a bunch of parents of the murdered children to try to influence the senate to support the gun grab that was proposed by senator Dianne Feinstein. 
All this latest issue did was polarized the American electorate, the attitude among most of the gun owners are:
This is not the time to let off, we gotta remind the congress who they work for.  A congressman main priority is to get re-elected.  We have to remain vigilant and know that the liberal shitbirds will immediately crap over any new tragedy to push an agenda.

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  1. Excellent point, this is JUST the first skirmish... It's not over yet...


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