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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Windows XP and the EOL and the push to 8.1

I have blogged much about the issues I have had with Windows 8.1 that sits on the right hand of Satan is difficult as far as I am concerned, I don't like it at all.  I know that if your product is a touchscreen, than it works well, but there are many 'Luddites" like me that have older equipment and still use keyboards and Mice to move around in the digital world.   I understand that Microsoft wants to focus more energy on the new products that are coming out and that are on the horizon and to keep innovating.  But sometimes you also need to recognize that not all applications you can use a touchscreen for, where I work at, uses XP professional, if my company had to upgrade all the computers we use to touchscreen, the capital outlay would be enormous , we literally have thousands of computers that use the same operating system and are connected to a network that would have to be changed.  You factor that in with the upcoming Obamacare business mandates that have been put off until after the midterm elections, you are talking about a significant business expense and with some companies, this would be the pass/fail point to remain in business or just say "screw it" and fold thereby dumping more people into an already soft job market and a weak Obama economy.
     I have people in Real life say well "Switch to MAC" well I have an issue with the whole "Steve Jobs" cult thing going on if I join the "I" world, all would be kumbaya and the world would be a better place. Yes I know that there are fewer security glitches with apple than with Microsoft, I have no argument with that.  but to be a lemming and follow the crowd I have issues with.  I may have to learn Linux or something along that line so I can keep running my Firefox and other programs that I use.  I don't want to use any Google based operating system, especially with all the data mining associated with them from both the NSA and companies wanting to know where I surf to customize ads for my interest.(Jeez how many ammo, automotive or aviation ads can they hit me with).  I will continue to run XP as long as I can.  I remembered I waited for a while before I got XP because I was using Windows 98 2nd edition and it worked well so I didn't change so I missed the Windows ME, CE and another turd that Microsoft pushed out there before XP arrived.

I have pulled the following information from PC Pitstop, they have talked much about the demise of Windows XP and the push to 8.1

Windows XP Users Remain Loyal

PC Pitstop’s exclusive research is showing that loyalty to Windows XP is strong – despite Microsoft’s plans to end support for the popular OS.
At PC Pitstop, we have been tracking each and every trend related to CPUs, memory, storage, graphics, Windows, and bandwidth.
With tens of millions of PC’s in our database, Pitstop’s market research capabilities are unprecedented in terms of cost, depth, breadth, and accuracy. We have a front seat to all the most exciting trends in computing.
The charts are rendered dynamically so they are always up to date. We believe that our research capabilities are unparalleled in the PC industry and can complement your existing research. Please consider us for your market research needs.

Loyalty to Windows XP continues despite EOL

Windows XP Install Base by Location


  1. XP works. That's the short, complete explanation; regardless of what anyone else says.

    Why Microsoft didn't elaborate on the software, fix security problems, offer inexpensive upgrades and continue with the operating system is beyond me.

    From the marketing perspective: Give your customers what they want. Make it better, more comfortable and don't mess with the basic design.

    From the user perspective: In spite of some minor initial quirks, XP is stable, easy to use and has little problems in its present state.

    From the developer's perspective: Gee, those programmers we hired are getting bored. Let's see what monstrous, cumbersome, confusing, crappy operating system, full of spaghetti-code they can create. We need to insure they understand we want this system to appeal to those that waste their time on social networks and completely alienate the business community that spent billions of dollars on our software.

  2. I suppose for someone who actually knows what their doing, other brands of hardware, browsers and operating systems might be superior, but for a idiot like me, who doesn't have a clue about anything, my Acer Chromebook does everything I need right out of the box, and if I ever have a problem with it, I'll just throw it away and buy a new one.

    One other thing. Will someone please tell me what advantages Wordpress has over Blogger. Every experience I have ever had with Wordpress has been a pain in the ass.
    I use the demise of Conservative Blogs Central as an example to support my position.

  3. HeyJess;
    That is my point, XP works well especially for business applications, I have heard the running joke about Microsoft programmers..."Monkeys with keyboards" That explains all the glitches that any microsoft product has especially when they first roll it out.

    Hey Neil;
    To my knowledge I know of no advantage that WP has over blogger., I have and am still using blogger, I have had no problem using it and it is easy to navigate around it. I have never worked with WP so I cannot give an opinion on it.