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Friday, July 18, 2014

Humor in aviation.......

Now those that know me that I work in the aviation industry, and I do have a warped sense of humor.  Well one of my friends sent me this tongue in cheek humorous cartoon video on flight safety.  I know that many of us that travel frequently can verbatim repeat the average flight safety video including the gestures that the stewardess flight attendant use in the explanation of the safety video.


   Now the airlines have gone to great lengths to "spice up" the boring material on the safety videos.  I will add several different ones from different airlines to show the different approaches they use to give the safety briefing.  And who knows....one day...this stuff might save your life.....or more likely you will find yourself on a gameshow and Alex Trebek will ask you a question about this stuff and you will actually remember it and win!...
This one was from Delta, the hometown airline here in Atlanta, and the 80's themed one.   And since I like the 80's I do like the video.

    This one is from Air NewZealand, they used "Sports Illustrated" models for this......:)

 And this one used a 80's disco type theme.....


  1. O.M.G... Richard Simmons??? What idjit came up with him???

  2. Love 'em. But don't forget this classic from Tommy Boy where David Spade and Chris Farley fake their way onto a jet disguised as flight attendants and have to give the safety briefing.


  3. Hey Old NFO;

    Remind me to tell you the joke involving him the next time I see you....

    Hey Murphy,
    Dang, That was pretty good, I never got into the humor of Chris Farley but he would have been one of the great ones had he lived.

  4. Anyone who cannot operate a seat belt is too stupid to be on an airplane. Flight attendants know this and that is why they check them.

    We have been ignoring those messages for decades, and there is no evidence that it matters.

    Just like the number of terrorists caught by the TSA is still ZERO.

    And powering down electronic devices has never mattered. Ever. We can't trust you to bring a bottle of shampoo on the plane but we will let every passenger bring aboard electronic devices that can send the plane off course? Who really believes that?


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