The Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions." --American Statesman Daniel Webster (1782-1852)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Voting Today

Well today we in Georgia had our run-off election today.  We had 2 republicans in the runoff for the senate seat on the GOP side to face off against Michelle Nunn( More on that in a moment.)  We had 2 candidates going for the nomination.  One is Jack Kingston, and the other is David Perdue.  Jack Kingston was a congressman that decided to step to the senate side after John Issakson decided to not run for reelection.  David Perdue was a CEO of Dollar General  Well the campaign was real dirty..both candidates threw a lot of dirt and half truths at each others and smeared each other pretty good.  Well on the democrat side, Michelle Nunn was basically anointed to that position by the Democrat party of Georgia, she is the daughter of Sam Nunn, a prominent former democratic senator from GA.  She is very liberal and would embrace the agenda of Barack Obama.  I am concerned , unlike the GOP candidates whose names are sullied, she is "pristine" and I believe that it will cause a problem for the stupid party GOP with the independents.
      I decided to go with Jack Kingston,  David Perdue has good credentials but I know of a lot of CEO's that have gone to Washington and immediately cave to work deals with the democrats who trend to be monolithic by nature...I guess it is from being a collectivist.  
     I do know that Jack Kingston has stood by his principles when he was a regular congresscritter so I expect the same.   Also speaking of elections....We have a republican governor named Nathan Deal, who has done a good job overall and helped GA land some major job expansions with businesses relocating to more friendly business climates.  Well his opponent is Jason Carter, the Grandson of Jimmy"the Djimmi" Carter.  Well there have been ethic accusations against Nathan Deal from certain groups and all the accusations have been  proven unfounded except for one on a technicality.  But they have gotten momentum from the state media who is liberal.  Also, David Axelrod, remember, he was the campaign manager for the Obama presidential run, he is advising Jason Carter on what to do.  This concerns me because the Obama Whitehouse used a lot of sneaky tricks to smear whoever the opponent is for Obama when he was running for whatever political office he aspired to.  Now we are seeing the same litany of tricks being done here in Georgia.
     I am concerned for the 2014 elections, for the democrats will do anything by hook or by crook to try to minimize the impending bloodbath that is the November elections.


  1. I'm in the savannah area, and I'm definitely going to vote after work today. Too much at stake to let it fall to low-information voters.

    As far as Kingston goes... He's been there for ever, and he's got a pretty good record. I dont see any real surprises. The new guy could be anything.

  2. It's the typical Dem ploy... writ large with Chicago influence...